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Posted: March 15th, 2016, 4:24 am
by oldwrench
In fact, I need to get this posted since I'll be gone to Middle Earth for 18 days. I'll see if I can get a picture of a Hobbit or Elf........ they are pretty hard to find though.

In the continuing adventures of our friends in the EDF. They made it to Shakuras with no problems, now will they be able to find Dominic and the giant mech? Will the princess be able to avert an empire wide war? Will Georgianna shoot John? Will Arisa lose Chad to her rival, Melpomene? Will the princess name become prophetic?
We get closer to answers with each chapter.

Chapter 20

Georgianna looked across the ornate hall where the reception for the planetary delegates was being held. She frowned as she spotted John. She might have guessed he’d be surrounded by women, he chased after anything that was female...... They were supposed to be security, keeping watch for any threats. He wouldn’t notice if a full commando raid was happening right in front of him. She watched as another smiling woman stepped up from behind John and threaded her arm through his. She almost laughed, he didn’t need to do much chasing, they seemed to be all over him..... With his rugged good looks and wearing the dark blue uniform of the imperial staff, he was definitely an attraction, besides, his cane and battle injury made him all the more unique. She wondered how exaggerated his war stories were becoming.

Geogianna pulled her gaze away and turned with a sweet smile to the young man who had brought her a glass of champagne. “Thank you, that was so kind of you,” she told him warmly.
“Oh, it was my pleasure, miss McFairlane,” the young man beamed.

John turned to see who had put her arm through his. He smiled at the young woman, then used the opportunity to make a surreptitious scan of the room. He kept an eye out for anything suspicious, though he sincerely doubted anyone would try to attack any of the dignitaries in the hall. With all of the undercover security people that had come with the guests, an attacker wouldn’t stand a chance.

He noticed Georgianna across the room and smiled. She had attracted quite a following, which didn’t surprise John at all. She was a stunning sight, she was wearing a dark hunter green dress with a hemline that started about ten centimeters above her knees in the front tapering to ten centimeters below in back, giving a beautiful view of her exquisite legs. A floor length skirt of light green lace wrapped three fourths of the way around her waist, leaving her easy access to the gun John knew she had strapped to her thigh under the dress. she had a shawl of the same lace that set off her fiery copper red hair and bright green eyes. John figured she was the hottest woman in the room, but he knew she was also one of the best people the princess could have chosen for a body guard.

John watched the young man hand Georgianna the drink he had brought her, and he almost licked his lips. He felt a craving for a drink, but he knew he couldn’t. He’d already dumped two drinks into planters when no one was looking. He wanted to keep up his image, but couldn’t afford to get drunk. He had a job to do.

Daniel wasn’t exactly happy to have such a crowd so close around the princess, but he knew there was little chance of treachery from the old diplomats who were jockeying for a preferred spot. they were more likely to try poking each other with a toothpick from their drinks trying to move the other out of the way than to dare assault the beauty in their midst. He wished he could be standing by her side, instead of haunting the fringes of the diplomats surrounding her.

Daniel noticed John starting across the room toward captain McFairlane. He looked around, wondering if something had happened. He hadn’t gotten any word on his com from either John or Georgianna. He pushed through the diplomats to get closer to the princess.

John had been trying to keep the women entertained with his account of the battle at Mar Sara, keeping uncharacteristically close to the truth, when he looked in Georgianna’s direction. Something wasn’t right......... He smiled at the ladies and excused himself, telling them that he had been called by his superiors and would have to leave them for a short time. Georgianna wasn’t moving, and he had seen that vacant look in her eyes earlier that day. As he approached he could make out that the young men were trying to outdo each other by bragging about their prowess in various athletic contests. John almost laughed, Georgianna could probably best any one of them in their favorite sport. They hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t even hearing what they were talking about.

John pushed his way next to Georgianna and took hold of her arm, gently pulling the champagne from her hand. “Sorry fellows, but our superiors have requested lady McFairlane’s presence at the moment.” He squeezed her arm and pulled her toward himself. “Come along Georgianna, duty calls,” he told her. Slowly she turned uncomprehending eyes on him. John put on a boyish smile. “No, I know you are enjoying the company, but you know we are required to assist our diplomats when they call.” John could see comprehension returning to Georgianna’s eyes, so he firmly and quickly guided her out one of the side doors.

Georgianna let herself be guided by John until they reached an outdoor balcony where they were alone. She jerked her arm away form him and stepped back. “What do you think you’re doing leiutenant?” She snapped at him. “You know our orders are to keep security surveillance.”

“Not much need for that,” John assured her. “More security guards than guests in that party. Besides, you wouldn’t have noticed if pirates invaded the place and abducted the princess.”

“What are you talking about?” She angrily shot back. “I was keeping a constant watch.”

John sat on the balcony railing, “You can’t fool me, I know you too well. You were out of it, ‘lost in space’, just like at the spaceport earlier today.” He sighed, “Georgi, if there’s something wrong, I’ll help any way I can...... you know that.”

Georgianna turned away, he knew...... he’d seen her black out, if he told anyone, her career was over. She couldn’t allow that. She would have to stop him. “I’m just tired,” she lied, “I haven’t slept well. I’ll be fine, just leave me alone.”

“Right,” John replied, “just don’t let this endanger our mission. If something is wrong, there are people who can help.” John headed back into the hall.

Georgianna gripped the top of the balcony railing so tightly her knuckles turned white. Why was this happening to her? Her annual physical hadn’t shown any problems. Why was she blanking out...... but it was a little different today, it wasn’t a complete blank. She could remember that it happened...... It was almost like she had been someone else, like someone was looking out of her eyes.

Daniel noticed John return without Georgianna. He keyed his com and called John. “Is there a problem Crichton? Where’s captain McFairlane?”

“Nothing important, colonel,” John answered. “The captain is just a bit over tired. She’s getting a bit of fresh air.”

“Ok, I’m going to see if I can get the princess to wrap thing up so we can get out of here.” Daniel informed him. “I think we all have a bit of hyper lag.”

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Posted: March 22nd, 2016, 11:04 am
by Sakura
I also went to Middle Earth on Saturday and watched the "Lord of the Rings" in English language as a purrreparation for my oral exam in June. The German translation is completely ridiculous. Of course they need to "bend" the German language to make it fit for the mouth movements of the English speaking actors... :pif:

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Posted: April 6th, 2016, 3:43 am
by oldwrench
Yes, middle earth was fun........ I'm Baaaaack!

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Posted: April 22nd, 2016, 12:42 pm
by Sakura
That's one big Gollum there. I love when he says "My purrrecious" :gg: (of course I do :kiss: )
I think we have politicans who act as a combination of Gollum and Sauron. Just add more money.

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Posted: June 5th, 2016, 7:08 am
by oldwrench
Finally back with another chapter. I keep trying. They've kept me pretty busy lately.

Chapter 21

Georgianna leaned her head against the limousine window. She fought to keep the tears from her eyes. Her head hurt and she felt wrung out, she always did after her black outs. What was happening to her? It had started after they returned from the battle at Mar Sara, with two days missing from her memory. She had taken out a pressure suit for a walk outside the dome of the moon base, just to get away from the constant questions, and woke up in her room two days later with no memory of the intervening time. The blackouts had come at odd intervals, and she had learned of her often odd behavior after the fact. But, this time it had been different. This time she remembered everything. It had felt as if someone else were looking out of her eyes, as if someone else controlled her body. Was she losing her mind? Was she splitting in two? Georgianna felt the princess watching her. The woman had been questioning her. Oh, she was subtle, trying to seem concerned for Georgianna’s health. But she knew, Georgianna was sure, the princess knew, and she would ruin everything. Georgianna couldn’t let that happen, she couldn’t let them force her out of the EDF, or worse, commit her to a mental hospital.

Melpomene watched the captain seated across from her. She could tell Georgianna was tired, but that wasn’t the whole problem, she was sure of it. She had avoided giving any clear answers to the princesses questions, a sure sign there was something she was hiding. Melpomene had heard rumors of odd behavior and at times a trance like state noted in Georgianna. Melpomene was afraid that it was something she had seen before. Maybe she should pick different security guards. No, they fit the part too well. While the other body guards had been all too obvious, stiff and formal, out of their class, Georgianna and John had blended in perfectly, just two more of the upper class. Able to remain close without being shunned by the snobbish elite. John was the picture of upper crust, with his cane and good looks, he made one think of the big families and old money. Georgianna, Mel stifled a sigh, was a natural. Not only was she a beauty with her copper red hair, bright green eyes and tall athletic body, but she instinctively knew how to use them. She had the attention of all the young men in the room, and many a glance from the old men gathered around Melpomene.

The princess knew she could have captured the attention of all the men in the room, she had studied the human mind, all the instinctive cues of seduction. She had trained herself to use every one to it’s maximum effect. She could have used them on any of the men in the room if need arose, but it wasn’t time yet.

They returned to the old hotel and entered the lobby, some of the pilots were still lounging in the area. Georgianna didn’t stop and speak to any of the others, she went straight through toward her room. John sighed and headed for the bar at the side of the room. He picked up one of the bottles of liquor and a glass, then hesitated, he put the bottle down, opened the cooler and took out a soda.

The princess watched John and Georgianna, she was beginning to worry about them. Her research into the group had shown that they had been a couple, and she had counted on them working well together. She didn’t know what their problem was but she was afraid it may affect their performance. She hoped she was wrong.

As she crossed the room, Mel met Chad as he carried drinks from the cooler. She stopped in front of him and reached up to touch the scar on his face. “Maybe I should have had you as my bodyguard,” She smiled up at him. “I bet you would look great in John’s uniform.”

Suddenly, Arisa stepped between them, anger smoldering in her eyes. “Not a chance, Mel,” she told the princess, “we have our own orders.” Arisa took Chads arm and turned him away from the princess, as they walked away she turned back. “Leave him alone,” she said quietly, so only Mel would hear.

Melpomene smiled, so, Arisa was ready to fight over Chad, she hadn’t expected that. This could get interesting.

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Posted: June 25th, 2016, 3:40 pm
by Sakura
Chapters 20+21 are added to the book, check here.

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Posted: June 26th, 2016, 6:06 am
by oldwrench
Nice! I am working on 22 right now.......... well right now I'm typing this but, I am working on it now..... now now now, but now.

Crap, that just doesn't sound right.

First full day on Shakuras, Arisa and Chad are about to start their special mission and Colonel Hellwind will be accompanying the princess to the negotiations with John and Georgianna as security. Rose will be cover in her mech. I'm sure everything will go smoothly for them......... Right?

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Posted: June 26th, 2016, 5:32 pm
by Sakura
I'm purrretty sure everything will be alright at the end.

Unless you decide for a cliffhanger to do a sequel-sequel.

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Posted: July 8th, 2016, 6:21 am
by oldwrench
I never leave you with a cliffhanger. That would be cruel.......
Well now we start to get into the action, if you can call political negotiations action. Ok, I won't bore you with all the details of the Princesses conference with the ambassadors of the colony planets, but things are heating up. What is going on with Georgianna? Will there be an attack on the Princess? Will Arisa and Chad get lucky? No not that kind of lucky :swt: I mean will they find Dominic? Or will they be found out and get in trouble with the law? So many dangers........ let's see what comes up.

Chapter 22

Arisa looked in the mirror and frowned at the schoolgirl looking back at her. Sure, she’d matured some in the six years since she had graduated from high school, but she still looked like a little girl. If only she could be tall, and well built, like Mel. She sighed, oh well, time to go.

Chad waited in the lounge of the hotel, uncomfortable in his school uniform. Dark blue slacks and white shirt, those weren’t a problem, but the jacket and neck tie were a bother. He looked up as Arisa entered the room. He almost stopped breathing. She was everything that was desirable when he was young, but was untouchable. Navy blue mid thigh length skirt, knee high socks, white shirt with blue piping, navy blue vest and red bow tie. She was the picture of the girls from the upper city, the beautiful girls that the lower city boys dare not approach.

Arisa noticed the way Chad stared at her and smiled, maybe this wasn’t all bad. Her smile turned to a frown as Melpomene cut her off, stepping in front of Chad. “You look good in a school uniform,” the princess purred. “Watch out for all those schoolgirls.”

Arisa took hold of Chad’s arm, pushing in front of the princess. “That won’t be a problem,” she assured her, “they’re too young anyway.”

Melpomene stepped back, “really....... you think so?” She looked up and down at Arisa, Maybe we should have gotten a middle school uniform for you, Ari.”

Arisa turned rather red faced and, in an uncharacteristic gesture, stuck out her tongue at Mel as she pulled Chad toward the door. Melpomene laughed, Perhaps she shouldn’t be teasing Arisa, but it had always been too much fun.

Georgianna stopped them. “You should be carrying a sidearm,” she informed Chad, “in case you run into Torres, he might cause trouble. I have a shoulder holster you could use under your jacket.”

Chad looked down at Georgianna and shook his head. “No thanks,” he said, “I really don’t like guns. I wouldn’t want to use one around a school at all.”

“What if Torres shows up?” Georgianna questioned. “He might be armed. Then you’d be in danger.”

“I doubt it,” Chad mumbled as colonel Hellwind stepped up to the group.

“We can’t chance carrying any weapons into a school here,” Daniel informed them.

“They have security measures and we can’t afford to draw attention. Just be careful. If you spot the girl or Dominic, try not to let them see you, and inform me right away. If you can follow them do it. I just hope we can find them before they spot us or they might run. Good luck you two.”

The conference broke off for lunch and Georgianna followed the group of diplomats into the dining room. The morning had dragged interminably and several times she had felt like someone else was looking out of her eyes. She had fought to keep the “other” away, but it was wearing on her. The young ambassador’s assistant that had brought her the drink at the party again approached her with a tall glass of a cold fruit drink. She gratefully accepted the glass from him. That was kind of him, she thought as she looked at him more closely, and, he was rather good looking too.

“I hadn’t been told you are an EDF pilot, Lady McFairlane,” he said, “and a captain’s rank. You are a more interesting woman than I had realized. So beautiful, but so dangerous, I simply must get to know you better.

John saw the young man approach Georgianna and tensed......... Then sighed and slumped. He couldn’t blame her for being interested, the guy was young, healthy, and most likely fairly rich. He couldn’t hope to compete.

Colonel Hellwind splashed water on his face at the men’s room sink. The confrence was going to kill him with boredom........ and it had only started. He hoped Arisa and Chad were having a better day. He worried something would go wrong, he had a bad feeling about it, but what was the worst that could happen? Torres might spot them and make a run for it. He dried his face and headed back out to lunch.

Arisa looked again at the map on her cell phone. The shopping area she’d seen as they came from the landing field yesterday must be fairly close now. It had been a useless day. They had visited the two schools closest to their hotel base, and had come up empty. They had asked students from various classes and shown the picture of the girl, no one had seen her. They would have to try the schools farther away. Now, if she could find the shopping area it wouldn’t be a totally wasted day.

Chad walked beside Arisa, letting her lead the way. He knew where she wanted to go, he had studied a map of the city and had a pretty good idea of how to get around. He had urged Arisa to take the bus, or at least stick to the main streets, but she had insisted this was a shorter route. Chad scanned the area, eyeing the buildings and alleys. There were too many corners and objects, too many shadows. They were being watched. He didn’t like it.

Rat watched the strangers as they approached. He was tense with excitement, trespassers usually meant money, payment to let them pass through the gang’s territory, or ransom from their family if they didn’t have enough on them. But this time, there was something else Rat wanted...... the girl. She was a beauty, and highschool age, a pretty face and nicely shaped body.... nice legs. But best of all, she was small, shorter than he was. The only girls Rat knew of that were that small were elementary schoolers. But this girl was older, highschool age. He wanted her.

Chad put his hand on Arisa’s shoulder, stopping her. He was right, this was looking bad. “let me do the talking,” he told her as four young men approached from the front. One was short but muscular looking, the others average height.

“Huh? What?” Arisa looked up, then around. There were scruffy looking young people surrounding them....... a gang!

“When I tell you to...... run,” Chad told her quietly, “ahead to the corner and turn left, two blocks and you’ll be in the shopping district.”

Rat motioned to his troop to encircle the two intruders. He smiled as he stepped out in front of them, school kids, must be new in the area, or just stupid to cross gang territory. He was glad they did though.

Chad watched the group approach, the short one took the lead. He must be the head of the group, probably not the gang leader, a lieutenant. He was shorter even than Kaze. Chad noticed the way the guy looked at Arisa, he didn’t like what he saw. If this gang was at all like the one he had come from, he knew that look bode nothing but trouble for Arisa. He had to get her out of there.

Rat stopped in front of Chad. “You’re in our territory, it’s going to cost you,” he threatened.

Chad took a quick look around then looked down at the shorter man. “It’s a public street, I didn’t see any no trespassing signs,” Chad told him. “We aren’t looking for trouble, just let us pass.”

Rat laughed, “your bad luck school boy, you pay or you get hurt, your choice.”

“Ok, how much do you want?” Chad demanded, but he was afraid he knew what the gang member wanted.

Rat sneered at Chad, “I want the girl.”

“No way,” Chad barked, “How many credits?”

“You ain’t got enough credits, boy.” Rat growled.

Chad stepped forward, reaching for his back pocket. “You don’t know how much I have,” he said. As Chad hoped, the chance of taking money caught the gang members attention, the young man hesitated. Chad quickly used a sweep of his leg and shoved the shorter man, knocking him to the ground. He grabbed the man to his right and spun around throwing him over his hip and on top of the one on the ground. “Run!” He yelled at Arisa.

As soon as Chad had made his move, Arisa had been ready. She took off at a dead run and didn’t look back until she reached the corner. At the corner she looked back, expecting to see Chad behind her but was disappointed to see him still fighting with the gang. Several of the gang members were on the ground but there were too many for Chad to get away. One of the young men was racing up the street after her. Arisa turned the corner and ran. For a small girl, Arisa was fast. She out ran the boy following her and made the two blocks. She came out into a busy shopping district. The gang member stopped before he reached the area.

Arisa checked the map on her cell. She located the old hotel, it was a couple kilometers away. She hailed one of the local taxis and headed back to the base.

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Posted: July 23rd, 2016, 4:31 am
by oldwrench
The worst that can happen indeed! Suddenly Chad is taken out by a back street gang on Shakuras. How bad is it? Is he even alive? And Arisa just went back to the old hotel base. What is she going to do? Maybe the Colonel can help, but how will they find Chad now? And the colonel may not be back for a couple hours.
Things can't get any worse........

Chapter 23

Megumi felt invigorated from her workout with Ben. He was getting to be quite a challenge for her. What he lacked in skill and training he made up for in raw size and power. When she entered her room she was surprised to find her roommate. Arisa had told her she would be out all afternoon with Chad. She had never seen such a hard and determined look on Arisa’s face.

“Um, I didn’t expect you back yet,” Megumi said. “Is something wrong?”

“Wrong? What could possibly be wrong?” Arisa snapped as she headed for the door.

Megumi stepped in front of Arisa, stopping her from leaving. “Something’s going on. I’m not letting you leave until you tell me.” Megumi told her.

Arisa hesitated, then told Megumi the whole story, how the gang had surrounded them. and how Chad had taken on the gang members so Arisa would have a chance to get away. Megumi could see the hurt and anger in Arisa’s eyes as Arisa told her defiantly, “I’m going to get him back. No one takes something away from me and gets away with it.” Arisa tried to push around Megumi, but Megumi held her back.

“Hold on, you don’t even know where he is. How can you hope to find him?” Megumi questioned her.

“With this,” Arisa told her and held up her cell phone. “The units used out here in the colonies are able to communicate unit to unit over a range of about four k. I have an app running that operates as a locator. It gives me direction and approximate distance. I’m betting that Chad is somewhere near his phone.”

Megumi looked surprised, “I didn’t know there was an app that could do that.”

“There isn’t, officially,” Arisa told her, “the company thought it might be useful. It’s built into the phone, but nobody is supposed to know about it.”

How did you find out about it?” Megumi asked.

Arisa grinned, “My family owns the company that makes these phones.”

Megumi looked at her, wide eyed, for a moment, then went and rummaged in her travel case. “Ok, but I’m not letting you go alone.”

Kyle frowned as he looked around the room at his gang. It had been a lousy day. The only thing anyone had come up with was that tall schoolboy Rat’s patrol brought in, and it didn’t look like they were getting much out of that. The guy wouldn’t give them any information, and his cell phone was password locked. Why the schoolboy refused to give them the password he just couldn’t understand. The little little cash the kid had was nothing, and without information of how to contact his family they couldn’t get more.

The door to the street, on the far end of the room, opened and the guard looked in. “Boss, a couple of girls out here insist on seeing you,” he called out.

Kyle sat up, maybe things were looking up, new girls. “Let them in,” he told the guard and watched as the girls came in. The one in the lead was a highschool girl, a very small girl. He looked over at Rat, ya, he was right, it was the girl that got away from them. He could see why Rat was so bent out of shape over losing the girl, she was nicely built, cute face blue eyed and curly blond hair. Kyle wasn’t interested in little girls, but the one following her, she was worth checking out. Though still on the small side, she was taller and wearing a tight fitting black outfit. He could tell she was well toned and better endowed. But what really caught his eye was her exotic looks, almond shaped dark eyes and long shiny black hair, pulled back in a pony tail. He’d never seen a girl like her and he wanted her.

Megumi checked out the gang as they entered. There were about two dozen around the length of the room. Odds didn’t look very good, and she didn’t like the way the gang’s boss was looking at her. Megumi thought they would be trying to sneak in and get Chad out, not walk in the front door, but she had followed Arisa’s lead.

Arisa walked the length of the room and stopped in front of the gang leader. She stood defiantly, feet slightly spread, arms folded across her chest. “You took something that belongs to me, I came to get him back.” Arisa told him.

Kyle grinned as he sprawled across his chair, “gee, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Did you lose your puppy?”

“Don’t act the fool,” Arisa growled. “You know what I mean. “Now, bring him out.”

Kyle laughed, “Oh, I think I’ll keep him for a while.” He leered at Megumi. “Maybe you should just hang around with us for a while.”

“Are you brain damaged or were you just born a moron?” Arisa barked. “I’m giving you a chance to get out of this without getting hurt.”

“Oooo, now you’ve got me scared,” Kyle mocked her. “What are you going to do, call your daddy?”

“I don’t need my daddy to handle gutter trash like you,” Arisa answered menacingly. “This is you’re last chance, bring him out.”

Kyle had heard enough of this, he stood up and replied angrily. “I’m usually not interested in little girls, but I’m going to enjoy making your smart mouth scream.” He looked up.“Grab them,” he yelled to his gang.

There was a flurry of activity as several gang members jumped up and rushed the girls. A clunk, a thud, a scream of pain, then the sharp crack of a gunshot brought the activity to a sudden stop.