5 Minutes: Reloaded

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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » April 22nd, 2019, 4:06 am

Speaking of killing off main characters, I finally got a chance to watch the Star Wars series movie "Rouge One" ............

Ok, I really am still working on this. I was going to work on it this week end, but I really haven't felt up to it at all. Hang on, I'll get more done. The action is just starting to heat up. Things have been looking up for the team..... but can that last? Don't bet on it.
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by Sakura » May 5th, 2019, 5:40 pm

I only ever watched the "old" movies of Star Wars (the triple with "the imperials strike back" or something like that. I'm not a huge fan of series killing main characters, stopped watching "One and a half men" after season 8 on Amazon prime :meh:
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » May 29th, 2019, 6:06 am

Well, I told you I was working on a chapter. After writing it, losing it, rewriting it, changing it........... here we go. Poor Arisa is still missing out on her alone time with Chad....... and gets shot by an alien to boot!! Maybe the aliens can clear a few things up for colonel Hellwind and the princess. At least they can find out who is trying to control peoples minds. Everything is working out nicely for our group.

Chapter 57

Melpomene dropped wearily onto the sofa in Daniels office. “At least your mission has ended well,” she grumped. “The colonies are at each others throats and now some of them have threatened violence against any empire personnel that remain on their worlds. I don’t think there is any way to prevent chaos.”

Tom looked up from the chair in the corner where he had been examining some papers. “I understand you have the ability to make them follow your directions, even against their will.”

The princess sighed, “if I could meet with them one at a time, I could use psychological cues to lead them to agree to any of my demands........ But I won’t do that. It could perhaps work for the moment, but it could make things worse later. It isn’t mind control, Tom, certain cues can control your desire and override your normal reason, but when the cues are removed, the control over your mental state is also removed.”

“Ah, well,” Tom mused, “I suppose if you cajoled those old guys into signing treaties, they would just tear them up later.”

“That’s for sure,” Mel agreed. “I just wish there was something I could use to bring them together. Daniel, what did you find out about the Red Faction from Geraldine?”

Quite a bit about their organization before the Mar Sara incident, but he hasn’t been with them since.” Daniel answered. “He couldn’t tell me anything about the top of the command structure. He doesn’t remember ever meeting the top man, he just called him leader, he only communicated with him by voice and text, never with video. And, talking of mind control..... the med tech told me it appears he had that same growth in his head that Georgianna had. I wanted to hate him, I wanted to kill him for what he had done, but now.....”

“You believe he was being controlled?” Tom asked.

Daniel sighed, “yes, from what he told me, I’m sure he was. He had a fever and headache when we found him, like captain McFairlane, and the tech said there were still traces of the growth left in his head.”

“So Geraldine may not be totally responsible for his actions?”

Daniel frowned, “I'll let the court martial decide that,” he answered. “But if I find the one behind this Red Faction, he’ll regret he ever crossed my path.”

Chad, carrying two of the alien weapons, lead the group of aliens toward the main hangar. To his right, Ben carried the unconscious thrant with its two uninjured comrades next to him. Arisa was was between Ben and Chad, carrying the other two of the alien weapons, and keeping watch on the thrant with the broken arm. Aah’n was on Chad’s left and Georgianna followed the group. Georgianna kept her gun in her hand. Sure, the aliens were unarmed and seemed harmless enough...... but she had an uneasy feeling, call it intuition, something bad was going to happen.

Aah’n was filled with questions, so much just didn’t seem right about these beings. Could his research have been that wrong? “It appears you do not know of the Tnukt, the slavers, is there some other race that you are presently at war with?” He hesitantly asked.

Chad was lost in thought of how to handle this situation.... “Huh?..... no, why would you think that?” He countered.

“It’s just....” Aah’n answered carefully, “you are armed and seem trained to fight, like a military group....... I thought perhaps there was some other race you had encountered.”

“No,” Chad answered, “we never met another race. You’re the first.”

Aah’n almost stumbled. He hadn’t anticipated that answer. How could it be? If it was true, they had not encountered another race, why did they have a military? Why were they trained fighters, why were they armed? So many questions, he was even more confused.

“Oh crap!” Ben stopped short. He could see the security alarm he had knocked to the ground when they ran to Chad and Arisa’s aid. It was flashing red. He quickly scanned the area. He spotted them, in the trees and brush on the other side of the barrier on the far side of the lot in front of the hangar. “Intruders!” Ben yelled. He turned and pushed the two thrant toward the gap between the two storage buildings to his right.

The injured thrant screeched as Arisa dropped the weapons and gave it a hard shove in Ben’s direction. Bullets ripped through the air behind her head as she dived after the stumbling alien.

Chad scanned the area and saw the intruders. He grabbed Aah'n by the arm and pulled him toward the shelter of the building. Chad heard Georgianna fire two shots behind him. He had almost reached the safety of the building when he heard the ugly sound of a bullet hitting it's target. Behind him Georgianna screamed in pain. He was only a step from shelter, from safety. He should have kept going....... Chad pulled hard on the smaller alien, throwing him ahead to the shelter of the building. He used the momentum to turn back the way he had come. Georgianna was still standing, bent over in pain. Chad dived at the captain and pushed her as hard as he could in the direction of the low concrete wall that surrounded the parking revetment across the drive from the buildings. Bullets ripped through the air in front of Chads face, in the space Georgianna had occupied only a second earlier. Georgianna cried out as she fell behind the barrier, Chad tumbled in just behind her as bullets slammed into the concrete wall.

Aah'n sat back against the wall, covering his ears. The big male had dropped the thrant and was firing his weapon around the corner of the building. The sound was incredible..... Aah'n thought the crack of their electric weapons was very loud, this was extreme. They must be a projectile weapon, but instead of using electric launched, rocket propelled projectiles, these must use some kind of high power explosive. He couldn't believe the weapon could withstand that force without blowing up.......... What bothered him the most was, their leader had told him they were not at war.

Chad pulled out his knife and made a cut on the bottom of his shirt. He tore off a strip around the shirt. Blood was dripping from between Georgianna's fingers where they were wrapped around her right forearm. Chad got her to let go long enough to wrap the strip around the wound. The bullet had passed through her arm and she cried out as he wrapped it. Chad's mind was churning, they were in a bad spot. He had seen four or five enemy approaching. He needed a weapon. He listened, Ben would fire a three round burst followed by gunfire from the intruders. Georgiana's gun lay two steps from their shelter....... if he timed it right. Chad waited till Ben fired, then dived out for the gun as the intruders were occupied firing at Ben. He grabbed the gun and dived back to the wall just as bullets ripped by behind him.

“That was a fool's stunt, you idiot,” Georgianna grit out between clenched teeth. “That gun's useless to you, it's keyed to my hand, and I can't shoot.”

Chad had seen the gun, he knew it wasn't standard military issue. It was one of the H&K electronic specials. Chad slammed the but of the grip against the wall a couple of times.

“Hey! Don't do …...” She barked

“I'll get it fixed when we get back,” Chad cut her off. He pulled out his knife and pried the scale off one side of the grip. He used the knife to cut the leads and pry out one of the tiny chips. He pried out a couple more tiny components and scraped off one lead. Finally he used the pliers to twist two of the tiny leads together and snapped the scale back onto the grip. He carefully peered over the wall, noting the positions of the intruders. Chad waited for the right moment and after Ben fired, jumped up with the gun in a two handed grip in front of him. He aimed to the left and fired two shots, snapped to the left and fired two more shots. He dived to his left, firing a one handed shot as he did. Bullets hit the top of the wall and one tore through his shirt, close enough that it's shock wave raised a stinging welt on Chad's side. He heard Ben fire a three round burst as he landed on the hard gravel surface. He waited long moments, but there was no more gunfire.

“Think we got them?” Ben called out to Chad.

Chad looked over the wall, scanning the area. “Seems like it,” he answered. “I got two of them, I'm not sure about the third one.”

“If you missed him, I didn't,” Ben told him, “and I got one before that.”

“I got one,” Georgianna told Chad.

“Georgianna got one,” Chad called out. “I don't see any movement.”

“Two,” Georgianna muttered, “I thought you told me you didn't use guns.”

Chad looked at the captain. “No,” he answered, “I said I don't like guns. Where I come from, you're either good with a gun, or you don't live long.”

Georgianna shook her head. “But, I saw your target scores, they weren't good.”

Chad laughed. “Rifles! I had never held one in my life, till I got to boot camp. They wouldn't let me use a handgun.

Aah'n stood up. He had never been in a battle before. It had been so fast and savage. Five enemy down in such a short time. But who were the enemy? So many questions, but Aah'n felt he had learned some valuable information about these strange beings. When the battle had begun, they did not just drop the thrant or himself. They had risked themselves to bring the others to safety, even though they were strangers. Their leader had turned back away from safety, into the line of fire, just to aid one injured soldier. It seemed entirely foolish, but showed great bravery. Their weapons were powerful and efficient. He was shocked that the small hand weapon was so deadly. He had assumed, by it's small size, that it was just a non lethal defensive weapon.

Ben felt the holster at his side unsnap and his handgun pulled out. “Hey!” He spun around and saw Arisa holding the gun. “What are you up to? The fight's over.”

“Somebody is going to have to go check if any of them are in the hangar,” Arisa told him, “and I could cover you.” She looked around the corner of the building. “On second thought, you're too big a target...... cover me.” Arisa took off in a crouched run toward the hangar.

“Hey, wait!” Ben yelled after her as he swung his rifle around and watched the area for any hidden enemy.

Chad thought of one more thing to worry about. They had left the mech in standby, any pilot could operate it........ if they had gotten into the hangar. “What the??” He exclaimed when he heard Ben shout. Chad looked over the wall. “Damn!” He barked as he jumped over the wall and raced after Arisa. He caught up to her as she reached the open main door of the hangar. She leaned back against the wall next to the door and he pulled up right next to her, scanning the area for intruders. “What the hell are you trying to do?” He hissed at her.

“If they got into the hangar, we have to stop them before they get to Atropos,” Arisa whispered back. “There's no time to wait around. Get ready.” Arisa dived out and rolled into a prone position, quickly checking right and left then down the building. “Clear,” she told him.

Chad spun around the corner and swung his gun around as he checked the area. “Let's get to the security room. We can check the sensors and find out how many of them there were.” He ordered.

Ben watched the two enter the building, then turned back to the aliens. “Are you guys alright?” The thrant with the broken arm was groaning and the unconscious alien was beginning to show signs of movement. Ben leaned over the small alien. “Looks like he's coming around.”

The thrant opened it's eyes and saw Ben leaning over it. It began a high pitched wailing and tried to get up. It's two uninjured comrades held it down and one spoke to it in their strange squawking language, gesturing toward the big man. It began to calm down.

“Are they going to be alright?” Ben asked turning toward Aah'n.

“I believe they will be.” Aah'n answered. “I thought...... your leader, Chad, told me you weren't at war, that you had never encountered an alien race.”

“Huh?” We aren't at war, Ben assured him, “but I think those guys are trying to start one.”

“But if you haven't encountered another race, how could there be a war? Who are they?” Aah'n was confused. Was his translations somehow missing some meaning.

“Another race???” Ben had to think for a moment. “No, they aren't aliens, they're humans, just like us. They just want to steal the big mech we have in the hangar.”

Aah'n was stunned to silence. Other Humans? Wishing to start a war? How could that be? How could they fight against their own kind? So many questions he could hardly begin to imagine what these humans were, what could have made them turn against themselves. Is that what made them such experienced warriors? Was that the reason that even their females appeared to be warriors? Aah'n felt that, if he could win these humans as allies, there would be true hope to defeat the slaver empire.

Chad led the way into the office area. They checked each room before entering the communications and security office. Chad checked back through the sensor records. “That's where they came onto the island,” he told Arisa, pointing to the grid map. “They must have come by boat. I only see five, so it looks like we're clear. Go out and tell the others they can come in.”

Chad watched her leave, he sat down and sighed. He'd missed his chance to spend some time alone with her again. There were things he wanted to ask her, things he needed to know. Chad turned to the com console, it would have to wait, he had to call the colonel....... Things were all messed up, what would he say? How should he start?
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » August 16th, 2019, 5:17 am

Ok, things are getting a bit complicated, at least for Chad. He not only has a mech to repair, he has to worry about attacks by intruders, injured personnel and ....... aliens. His head is spinning and he has to report all this to the colonel. Are these aliens really here to bring peaceful discourse, or are they actually part of an alien invasion? We'll see.

Chapter 58

Daniel watched the princess leave the room. He felt bad for her. Her mission had failed and it was mostly his fault, even if Melpomene insisted it wasn,t. If he had chosen someone other than Captain McFairlane....... At least his part of the mission was a success, he would be able to relax, as soon as they got that mech up to the Krikov. There was a signal from the com unit.

“Captain Ross has called in,” Yuki informed the colonel.

Ah, Daniel thought, he must have the mech ready to transport.

“He has requested a medical evacuation for two of the group,” Yuki continued.

“Send it,” the colonel ordered. He sat up straighter, had there been an accident? “Put Ross on.” He watched, tense, as the screen switched to show Chad's face. “Report, captain, what happened.”

Chad stiffened. “The base came under attack by intruders, sir,” the captain answered. "We were able to eliminate the threat, but Captain McFairlane was hit.... in the arm, it's not critical but she needs medical attention.”

“It's on the way” Daniel assured him. “Is the base secure?”

“At this time it is,” Chad answered. “We took out the intruders, I don't know if there are any others coming.”

“There's a marine squad on the Sheffield, I'll send them down immediately.” The colonel told him. “What's the status of the mech?”

“It's operational,” Chad answered. “I just need to close up the access ports.”

“Good,” Daniel felt relieved....... “Wait, there was something else. You called for med-evac for two. Who else was injured?”

“Ah.... lieutenant Higgens was shot by an alien weapon,” Chad told him. “It looks like just an electrical burn, but I think she should be checked. We don't know what effect it might have.”

“Alien? What do you mean? Someone from another colony?” Daniel queried.

“Um.... Aliens, sir, non humans....... We encountered a group of aliens.” Chad stammered.

“It can't be.....” Daniel replied in shock. “And you eliminated them? Good lord, please tell me you haven't started an interstellar war.”

“No, that was the other group....... I mean, the other intruders were human, probably Red Faction,” Chad tried to explain. “The aliens are friendlies.”

“But you said Arisa was shot by the aliens?” Daniels head was still swimming.

“That was a mistake,” Chad assured him, “and the weapon is supposed to be non lethal, like a riot stick.” Chad gave the colonel a short account of the two incidents

Tom looked at the screen from behind the colonel. “Aliens...... This is totally unexpected. Perhaps this is just what the princess needs to bring the colonies back together.”

“I hope so,” the colonel replied. “We may get out of this without a war.”

“Ah, we may already be at war, sir,” Chad told them. “If what Aah'n told me is true, then the mind control thing that Georgianna had is one part of an attack by their enemy, the slavers. He thinks the slavers are trying to take over the empire.”

“If these aliens know about this mind control, we have to find out all we can from them,” Tom insisted. “Colonel, we have to bring those aliens here. We can't lose the chance at this information.”

Daniel tried to call Melpomene but the princess didn't answer her com. He called ensign Tammy and told her to find the princess and send her to the office, NOW.

“Is the alien there?” Daniel asked Chad. “I want to talk with him if that's possible.”

“Arisa brought them in, sir,” Chad informed him. “She's tending to the captain and the two alien's injuries. Aah'n is waiting with them. I'll bring him in.”

Colonel Hellwind stared at the face that came onto the screen before him. Alien, yet not altogether strange...... Feline would be how he described his first impression, yet not any cat that man had ever encountered. Sentient........

Aah,n Looked at the human on the com unit. He was a strong looking man, with sharp searching eyes. Aah'n didn't know what this man might do with them...... he felt weak. Aah'n bowed. “I am Aah'n, ambassador of the League of.......ah, Free Empires. I sincerely regret the incident caused by my guard. I will accept any penalty you deem necessary, but please be lenient with my soldiers.”

This all seemed unreal to Daniel, like he was dreaming, like he was in some kind of movie...... “I don't think.......... Ah...... Well, since it seems there weren't any major injuries....... Um, I think we can just call it a misunderstanding and leave it at that.” The colonel hoped that would smooth things over. He didn't want to cause a problem with an unknown adversary. He wanted their first encounter to be peaceful....... If only the princess were here.

Aah'n could hardy believe what he had heard. This Colonel was willing to dismiss the attack on his people without reparations? That would seem to indicate a race of pacifists..... but the trained military, the savage battle he'd witnessed...... the dichotomy! Was the colonel offering peace..... or a trap? He could only do as he was trained and hope for the best. “Colonel, Sir, I would like to meet with you to discuss treaties of peace between our peoples.”

Good, Daniel thought, that was just what he hoped for, a peaceful dialogue..... He didn't have the authority...... but she did. “That would be our best move at this point,” Daniel agreed, “but I don't have the authority to negotiate any treaties. We are here escorting one of the Imperial family, she would have the authority. I'm sure she will want to meet with you as soon as possible."

An Imperial! Aah'n couldn't believe his fortunes had turned so completely around. But the colonel had said “she”....... A female, how could a female have authority? But, what about the female captain in this group? Were the females here on an equal level with the males? It was a strange possibility, but think of the advantages, effectively twice the number of beings advancing your society. “I would be greatly honored to meet an imperial, sir.” Aah'n tried to show humility to cover his shocked excitement.

He seems anxious to meet with us, Dan thought, is it just excitement, or is it some kind of trap. They couldn't miss the chance to learn more. He had to be on his guard...... he wished Melpomene were there. “How many ships do you have here?” He asked, hoping the question might catch the alien off guard.

“We have just the one ship.” Aah'n answered. “We are just an exploration team..... The league did not truly expect to find an advanced civilization this far out.”

“We didn't detect you approaching the planet.” Dan told him.

“Our ship had a, ah..... shield of hiding?” Aah'n offered. “Also we approached on the far side of the planet from the major land mass.”

“Is your ship armed?”

“Yes,” Aa'n confessed, “defensive armament, in case of an attack.”

“Where is your ship now?” Dan quickly demanded.

“Um... I don't know if I should let you have that information..... I, ah, I don't know your intentions. I can't endanger the crew, I can't take the risk.....” Aah'n stammered.

“My intentions are to send a recon probe to verify what you've told me..... I have to be cautious too” Daniel told him.

Aah'n was torn, he needed to be cautious with such a strange people, but he couldn't pass up this opportunity. He had to try, even if it meant the loss of his exploration crew, the potential advantage of these humans was too much to ignore. “The ship is behind the moon in the highest orbit,” Aah'n confessed, “but you will not be able to detect it.”

“Thank you ambassador, let us worry about that.” The colonel smiled. “I'll set up a meeting with the princess as soon as possible. Let me talk to captain Ross.” As soon as Chad was in front of the screen, the colonel began giving orders. “The med-evac unit will be there shortly and the marine unit will be right behind them. I want you to evacuate the wounded first, tell the ambassador that after the marines have set up, he can have his soldiers picked up. I'm sending Kaze in his mech to escort you, bring the ambassador here to our base. I'm sending Bob and his tech team to finish that mech and move it to the Krikav.”

“Yes sir,” Chad replied, “Have the tech team bring thruster fuel, it's pretty low, and a control helmet, standard control interface. I doubt they could fit Rydia's helmet.”

“Ok, I'll see to it,” the colonel assured him.

Aah'n looked over Chad's shoulder. “Could I have an assistant brought down from the ship to accompany me?” He asked. “I don't think I would feel comfortable handling talks of this magnitude alone.”

The colonel looked at the alien. How could you read the expressions on the face of another race? He had a feeling there was a bit of anxiety in those eyes. Dan knew he would feel overwhelmed if he was facing a planet of alien strangers all alone.

A message came through from Yuki, “the probe shows one ship close behind the moon as indicated. It is approximately sixty two point zero four percent the size of the Krikav, and of alien design, as closely as I can determine from the scan. It has superior cloaking to the mechs that attacked us as Mar Sara. No other ships are detected in scanner range.”

Dan smiled, that was what he wanted to know. The alien had been honest with him, at least this far. He looked back at the screen. “Agreed, you can bring an assistant with you, unarmed, of course.” Daniel answered the ambassador.

“Of course,” Aah'n replied, “Thank you colonel.”

After the colonel had signed off and sent his orders to the Krikav, he sat and stared at the blank screen. Aliens!........ he wondered when he would wake up, this had to be a dream........ didn't it?

“I had better send this information to general Parker,” Tom told him. “This certainly complicates things.”

“Yes, EDF command has to be informed,” Dan answered. “If this alien isn't telling the truth........... or, maybe even if is, we could be in the middle of an interstellar war.”

“That is why I have to inform the general,” Tom told him, “and not EDF command. It appears there may be some in command who have already been compromised.”

The door slammed open and a rather angry looking princess stalked into the room dressed in her jeans and damp sweat shirt, her wet hair wrapped in a towel. It had been trying and tiring day and she didn't like being dragged out of her nice hot bath. “This damn well better be important, Dan,” she grouched. “I'm not going to handle any more crap today.”
“Aliens.” Dan told her.

Melpomene stopped in her tracks, “Huh?”

“Aliens,” he repeated. “You said you needed aliens to keep the colonies together. Well, now you have....... Aliens!”
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » August 16th, 2019, 5:18 am

more is coming..... keep checking here
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by Sakura » August 16th, 2019, 10:12 am

*purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* :love:
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