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Bio Toru Tanaka

Post by oldwrench » January 15th, 2012, 7:59 am

Name Toru Tanaka

Race: Necko

Age: 16?

hight: 1.63m

Hair: blond with dark streaks

Eyes: Green

Weapon: short katana, or bow and arrows.

Toru was in Gakkuo II. He was the boy Aki bought on her way to find Mike. She adopted the boy and now that she and Mike are married, he is their son. Ok, I know, if he was a boy in Gakkuo II, he must be too old for high school, but wait, there will be an explanation, somewhere along the story. The necko are small, but very quick and he is a well trained fighter. He is well known by the principle and Angus, along with most of the other teachers.
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