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Post by oldwrench » July 13th, 2007, 3:16 am

((Note from DM Raine and Oldwrench. We plan to have the magic much less powerful in this story. It seemed to be running away in the last one, everyone outdoing the other. Magic has mostly lost the power to kill. The bad guys magic is probably as powerful as yours. It will take teamwork to get ahead. Aoi is a dragoness but less powerful because of the elf in her. She still can get most boys to do anything for her. Chare has an angels magic, but the demon in him causes conflict and he has less ability than a full angel had. Joseph and Sandra have angel magic too, which is somewhat less than a dragon's. Karlyn is an empath, mostly with Kisa, and has a bit of magic, quirky and unreliable, but he can break spells. Kisa is an empath, and has some magic from her ancestry. There are no magic charms or such as of now, except Chare has his swords, we might introduce some since Kisa has the least ability. I don’t know where Raine is going with her yet. Please remember, caracters have to be vulnerable, not all powerful, or the story becomes meaningless. Have fun, we’ll try to keep things flowing.))
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