Bio: Ovar (wet-Rat)

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Bio: Ovar (wet-Rat)

Post by Palacio » April 15th, 2009, 7:09 pm

Name: Ovar (wet-rat)
Age: 14 years old
Gender: male
Race: Human
Height: 1.6 m
Weight: 50 Kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: honey
Occupation: thief and what ever he gets
Background: Being an Orphan since he's 4 years old, he has vagues memories of his mother, he lived with a smuggler (Dionisio) until he was 10, still never knew if that was his real father or why he took care of him, when that guy died Idune took him under her wing, but he meet her since he was 8. For him Idune its the closest thing to a mother, although she has no age no maturity to act like one, he knows she tries her best.
Idune always tries to make him a "good man" and gets him different jobs, he tries to please her, but has never stopped doing wrongs. In fact he earns more money than her...
He is good with knives and daggers.

1,60 50 kg, brown hair honey eyes

Personality:Being a thief, its something that gives him placer, its almost like a sport, he learned a lot from Dionisio, and gives him the other side of the world, he can see people like they really are, deep inside the mask they use, knowing their little secrets, its a game for him. besides, he can earn something from it by stealing. he´s very smooth, very fast, very silent, very strong.
His other hobbies are, cooking, he makes lots of weird dishes for Idune that its the only one who dares to eat them, he likes shiny stuffs and pluffy things, its a secret *shhh* dont tell anyone, but his eyes glows when he sees stuffs like that :kiss:
A thief its not a thrust worthy person, he only its loyal toward Idune, himself and people he really loves, and for him, there its only one like that and thats her. When it comes to a job, and money, then he´s loyal to his word, unless the money stops coming.
He doesnt belives in gods, magical things. he likes tangible things and likes mechanical things, but he does belives in goddesses muses and girls. :kiss: pretty ladies :he blushs a lot:

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