Bio: Jiao Benoit

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Bio: Jiao Benoit

Post by Freya » April 23rd, 2008, 11:41 pm

Name: Jiao Benoit
Age: 25
Height: 5' 6"
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: midback length. Dyed Blonde, Naturally Black. the tips are black but the rest is blonde for now
S.A.: A Mixbreed Cat by the name of Lin (beautiful jade). The cat's eyes are green which is why she is named as such.

Background: Half-Chinese, Half-French the etymology of Jiao's name is as follows:

Jiao: Chinese name meaning dainty or lovely
Benoit: French form of Benedict meaning Blessed.

Jiao's father and mother met while he was with the French army in China. Jiao's mother; Yuan, followed Jiao's father; Anthony, back to France where they were wed in 2023, just before the incident in Africa.

In 2025 they had their first child. Yuan bore a beautiful baby girl and named her Jiao. A cat was found in the bassinet curled up next to Jiao. The cat was named Lin.
A few years later (2030) when Jiao was 5, Yuan became pregnant again. But complications arose and even with all the advanced technology of the time, the doctors could save neither mother nor child.
Stricken with grief Anthony took to heavy drinking. Unfortunately his drinking led to the abuse of his only daughter. Jiao loved her father and never spoke a word against him but in 2034 just before Jiao turned 9 her father took her into a back room, beat her and raped her.
From then on until her father's death in 2040 Jiao remained silent and isolated. When her father died, she went to live with her maternal grandparents in Xian. Her grandparents treated her very kindly but were strict in her upbringing. Through the years Jiao learned many forms of martial arts. She also studied calligraphy and swordfighting.
In 2045 Jiao returned to France to further perfect her swordsmanship.
She journeyed to America in 2048 where she learned English quickly and also picked up various forms of street fighting.
A skirmish in New York caused Jiao to loose her left eye, it has been replaced with a bionic eye which matches her original.
In 2049 Jiao was recruited by an unknown corporation as a hitwoman. Finding no other ambition in life, and no other use for her skills, she accepted the offer.
It is now 2050 and Jiao's employer has sent her to London.
Given a list of hits and their SA's Jiao begins tracking them, but someone else keeps getting there first.
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