Bio: Walter Tuttle

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Bio: Walter Tuttle

Post by oldwrench » January 15th, 2008, 6:06 am

Name: Walter Tuttle

Age: 61
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown, now mostly grey
Hight: 5' 5" - 1.65 meters
weight: 230 lb - 104kg - 16.4 stone

Description: Walt has been the owner of an old book store for the last five years, an anachronism in the modern world, but then Walt is quite an anachronism himself. He wears bifocal glasses, not wanting to have his eyes repaired. He drives and ancient automobile, not trusting the hover cars. A quiet and private person, he is friendly and easy to get along with. Walt was born in London, long before the meteor strike, so he doesn't have an SA, or does he? He has his black cat, Lucy Fur, who is always with him, and seems strangely tied to him. The kids in the area know that if they need any information, for some school paper, he is the one who can find it for them, almost any information. In fact, the police have often consulted with Walt when they needed some obscure data, even though they hate to admit it. Rumor has it, that Walt is retired from some type of secret international investigations unit, possibly even the one that first investigated the SA mystery.
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