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Rules and Regulations

Post by agito_0291 » January 11th, 2008, 9:24 pm

1)The main focus of this RPG is a murder/mystery story. Now that does not mean that you have to be "detectives" or even be trying to solve the mystery. Your can chose to be part of the killers side, part of the police, just a normal citizen, or a third un-named party that has ulterior motives.

2)The setting for this story IS in the future so futuristic technology is allowed though I will place some restrictions on how much. At this point, futuristic weaponry is fine, (ex: laser guns) mass-produced hover cars are fine, Biomechanical limbs are fine as well. (Ex: mechanical arm to replace a lost one. Arm is stronger than normal) Mech's are borderline, I don't want them to be the main focus, so try and avoid them unless your character is with the killer or some un-named group. If that is the case then please PM me and talk to me about it. Absolutely no Gundams, the mech's have to be standard military units. (Like Zaku's from the Gundam series). I also do not want any robots or humans who have "upgraded" to become full robots. (Like in Ghost in the Shell)

3) Rules when posting
o When having your character speak use his/her name then ":"
o Use asterisk for movement (ex: *Agito ran around*)
o use Italics for thought (ex: I wonder weather anyone will bother reading this?)
o Use () for emotion or information for speaking (ex: Agito:(in a very angry voice) I DO NOT HAVE A CONTROL ISSUE!!)
o For foreign languages (if used) please put <> around the language you will be using in order for us to be able to read it without you having to type in a different language. (ex: Agito: <in African clicking tongue> Haha you can't understand me!!)

4)As a last note, Raine will be helping me run the RPG so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM either one of us, and remember: HAVE FUN!!!( :swt: I know, I know, I sound real lame.... :shy: ).


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