Character Bio-Rune

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Character Bio-Rune

Post by yuki_tenshi » November 18th, 2007, 8:51 am

Name: Rune

Race: Semi-angel

Age: 15

Hair: Purple-ish silver, reaches the middle of her back

Eyes: Crimson

Extras: Rune died in an accident and had become an angel. Well, a half angel since she has not yet received her wings. Now to obtain the white wings she must learn about the Secrect Lore of the Great Oracle of Erehwon. She was brought back in human form but with some powers. She can shape-shift and can partially control water. She's travelling with a balloon like soul she calls "Chichi".

Rune is usually optomistic and sees the brighter side of things no matter how bad it is. She loves cute things and sweets. And even though she wants to be a full angels she's scared of heights. Despite her childish appearance and attitude, Rune has a deeper understanding of things, though it doesn't always show.
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