Maurice's Bio

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Maurice's Bio

Post by agito_0291 » September 1st, 2007, 6:55 pm

Name: Maurice (Uses various rip-off names of noticable evil characters instead of his given one)
Race: Human (says he's part demon)
Age: 18
Hair: originally a red-head, it's dyed black to make it more foreboding
Eyes: blue. He has bad eyesight so he needs glasses. (he wears contacts to try and complete his image)

Maurice is a youth just out of high school. Although it was Maurice's wish to go to school and become a medical doctor, his parents forced him to enroll in Professor Illpalazo's School for Future Evil Masterminds of the World. If he makes it through school, his parents (who are evil masterminds themselves) promise to allow him to become a doctor. Unfortunately, Maurice has never tried to be evil even once in his life and in order to be accepted into the acadamy you must first prove you worth through an evil deed assigned to you. On top of that, the school dosn't want a weak person like Maurice bringing down the reputation of their school so they have given Maurice an impossible. task. Steal a talking animal, a fairy, and a mythical god then bring them back to the school.

((Let the fun commence, I have lots of ideas for this bumbling bad guy! :thumb: ))

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