Character Bio: Aidan

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Character Bio: Aidan

Post by agito_0291 » October 2nd, 2007, 2:34 am

I never got around to re-posting this information.

Name: Aidan Pryde
Callsign:Timberwolf (mainly called Wolf)
Fighter: Heavily Modified HASEAC-108 Thunderbird. Uses 2 beam swords without any rifles. It has two shoulder mounted MRM (medium range missle) pods. Employing "chicken legs" (reverse joint) it has jump boosters for quick manuvering despite the speed sacrificed with the addition of the shoulder mounts. It also has custom colors of white with forest greens and a dull copper along with Aidan's personal insignia on its MRM mount.
Squad:Green Giant
Bio: Growing up in the thousand islands of New York, Aidan led a sheltered life until the great war of 3101 where he watched as he homeland burned before his very eyes. Instead of fleeing like other refugees, he enlisted in the EDF. He was quickly recognized as a tactical genius but due to a few minor slip-ups he has grown quite reserve and has never moved past the Captain rank. In previous missions he has once before worked as Dominic's superior.

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