Bio: Cynthia Wynter

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Bio: Cynthia Wynter

Post by yuki_tenshi » August 28th, 2008, 2:42 pm

Name: Cynthia Wynter
Nickname: (Only to close friends) Cyn
Age: 20
Height: 158 cm
Hair Color: Strawberry-blonde/copper red/reddish brown
Eyes Color: Green

Notes: Born and raised in London, England Cynthia is the only daughter, and inevitable heiress to the Wynter Companies. Contrary to the stereotype, Cynthia is more of a wallflower than a social debutante. She prefers to read books than to attend parties. She hates to lie—but is quite adept at it—and goes for the blunt truth, which might sometimes hurt others or get her in trouble. She loves history and Literature. She also has a penchant in observe people quietly which is why she is often in the sidelines instead of under the spotlight. She is not very open to strangers and is often times seen as shy or timid though she’s always game to all kinds of adventures.

Being quite a curious (and intelligent) person Cynthia had entered a mysterious contest and won a “prize”, which is still unknown to her.
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