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Re: WHY!!!

Post by Kira » March 8th, 2009, 11:17 pm

*okay puts fanboy aside and puts on movie kira and re-watches*

Okay after re-watching Dark Knight as Kira the movie freak and not as Kira the fanboy...wow its even worse, lol...

Okay again, as Char, it is original, no...okay okay wait... I've seen this time and time again. The char is like the devil char. He's about tempting you and giving you options.

Its up to these other chars options to choose right or wrong. You can watch the whole third season of the New Doctor Who. He becomes a "dark" Doctor. But I compare this movie more to Suicide Kings. You have Christopher Walkens as the kidnapped rich man, but thru out the movie he plays a char a lot like Joker of Dark Knight, he presents each char a scenario and its up to them to choose right or wrong. to Believe him or the other chars.

Thru out the whole movie the Joker says he doesn't have an agenda or scheme, yet in the very end it seemed liked he had this all planned out at the very beginning.
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