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bio Keon Kanemaki

Post by oldwrench » January 6th, 2012, 11:46 pm

Name: Kanemaki Keon

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Human?

Height: 1.52m

Eyes: very dark grey, almost black

Hair: Black

Skin: light tan

weapon: boot knife, combat knife, main weapon: stun gun

Keon was born in one of those few isolated outlying towns that, by luck or geologic location, survived the invasion of the monsters. His father had left when Keon was three years old, after a fight with Kon's mother. Insisting that he couldn't be Keon's father. Keon's mother died last year and Keon took everything he could and ran off before the creditors could come to take it away. Keon had made the perilous journey across the wasted land in search of Arias. There was the only place he could hope to get the education he wanted. There too, he might find acceptance, because, his mother told him, That was the place his father had come from.
Keon is three years behind in school, not because he failed, but because he never had any real education. He's been rejected by both humans and demons. The demons know by his scent that he is fully human, but humans are sure he is a demon. Keon hasn't had many friends. Keon has learned to be a loner, distrusting everyone. He's learned to fight, he carries a boot knife, a tactical knife and, in a holster under his left arm, a stun gun. He's learned to use his small size, quickness and boyish looks to advantage. Keon always wears a hat.
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