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Rules :

Posted: January 5th, 2012, 7:00 am
by Raine
okay Everyone this rp as you can see is called Gakkou meaning senior high-school in japan,however it is not a normal high school as each student comes from different races,such as elves,humans,demons, technically this is where things gets fun as the races tries to get along.this is just for fun,no overpowering stuff just simple okay.

since this is the continuation of the previous Gakkou some of you may have your characters,so this gives you a chance to either bring them back as parents,Teachers whatever makes you feel it will develop your story but id apreciate if i hear their story too.since i loved the all :love:

Just as long you have a main character to enter school.and please note all students must have a weapon as the city has an anti-magic field for the humans to be able to be on equal terms with everyone.

so the rules are bassically the same as the other rp's

Rules when posting
1When having your character speak use his/her name then ":"
2 Use asterisk for movement *hugs*
3 use Italics for thought ii want to hug you
4 Use () for emotion or information for speaking.
5.This applies to me specifically NO OVERUSING MAGIC!!teehee!!
Oh and one more thing feel free to pm me for any problems or help.