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Re: good things

Post by oldwrench » December 31st, 2021, 9:18 pm

time for new years resolutions.

1. Finish 5 min story

2. Live forever

I wonder which I am more likely to keep?
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Re: good things

Post by Sakura » January 2nd, 2022, 4:04 am

I had a thyroid and kidney disease some time ago that kept me slim but caused fainting spells and collapses. The doctors had not recognized this combination so I had to spend a long time in hospitals. It was not until I was about 30 that a doctor recognized the problem. I still send him a Christmas card every year.
In the last months, however, I wanted to lose weight again, because I feel quite fat compared to before. I let that be, because I am still just under 24% below normal weight. I solve the problem by lying :)
I absolutely have to stay above 50 kg so that I can continue to donate blood. I have the important blood group zero negative, which can be given to any patient.
Yesterday I had 48.5 kg. I just drink a bottle of water before donating, then it's 50.
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