5 years without "Cutest Anime Girl" election: #cagexit?

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Re: 5 years without "Cutest Anime Girl" election: #cagexit?

Post by oldwrench » June 12th, 2019, 4:34 am

yande.re 536968 girls_und_panzer heels shimada_arisu tagme.jpg
yande.re 536967 business_suit girls_und_panzer heels nishizumi_maho tagme.jpg
yande.re 536966 girls_und_panzer heels itsumi_erika pantyhose tagme.jpg
yande.re 536965 girls_und_panzer heels rosehip skirt_lift tagme.jpg

A few of the cute girls of the tankery clubs from Girls und Panzer. It's a really fun anime series and movie. If you want to attract the boys, you have to be in the tank club.
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