Introduction, Rules, and Character Sheets

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Introduction, Rules, and Character Sheets

Post by xXemobunnyXx » May 24th, 2010, 8:22 pm

This is for reading material only. No posting here, take it to the appropriate thread. By the by, I have done many RP's before, so I sort of know what I'm doing. Still, I'm not a Nazi about things. I try to be friendly and open to everyone.

Silver Lining________________________________________________________________________
(Please don’t be intimidated by how complicated this seems! I’ve done ones like this on other forums before and they worked out quite nicely. This RP is actually quite open to your ideas and your interpretation of it. So don’t be turned away just because there’s a lot of reading involved!)


You had to but look outside to see that night was coming. The purple sky of day was no more, swallowed whole by a seething mass of dark blue that claimed the sky like a slowly moving puddle of paint from a tipped over bucket. All the buildings, the tall ones that were so high you couldn’t see their top if you tried, and the short, cute-looking ones with their open sides and brick foundation, cast in the neon glow of advertisement signs, looked much more dim now. This was the time Vanessa had been waiting for. This was the time, her time, to escape. She smiled and pulled the curtains over the window shut.

It had been four years since Angels had taken her.

Four years since her town had been swept, left decimated and torn, blood pooling and forming dark splotches of dirt as it sank into once beautiful streets. Four years since all the civilian children, whose faces, names and personalities she had grown to love in her lifetime, were shoved into town square and gathered into a mess of a group. The Angels, these invaders with beautifully malicious faces and even worse intent, had passed around a cup to each child. Inside there had been slips of paper: twenty red, one yellow.

At age seven, Vanessa was lucky number twenty-one. She had pulled out the yellow slip.

She was spared. All the others…decapitated.

Couldn’t say that her town hadn’t seen it coming. For some time they had known of The Harborers, their motives, their plans. To add insult to injury, her people were primitive, while the invaders were advanced, brilliant even. Like angels storming into a town of cavemen. But angels wasn’t the right word. Sure, they looked like angels. Spoke like angels. Worked like angels….

“…Angel. Angel with eyes of gold…why do you smile when you see me…you do because you…” Vanessa turned around on her bed, the rusty, un-maintained springs creaking under her weight. “…Shoot. Why do I always forget that? I know he makes it different each time, but sheesh.” The eleven-year-old pushed all the sheets away with her feet and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Her room was a modest one, built for one and used by one. There was a small bed with cyan sheets in the corner, under the wired window, and a chest-of-drawers stocked with all her belongings: three pairs of the same white uniform, a toothbrush and a few photos from her old home. The rest was bare, tan-colored carpet and equally bare white walls. Across from her bed was the door. And it had been locked. They always locked it when she was inside. What easier way to keep her contained than to simply lock the door?

“Angel. Angel with eyes of gold, why do you smile when you see me? You do because you….because you…love me?” Vanessa got up onto her feet. “No, that’s not it. You do because you like me. No…Know me? That sounds closer…Fear me? Want to be me? No. Terrible. That’s not him at all…Make me? Fake me?.....Oh, now you’re rhyming…”

The girl was now pacing up and down the floor, the carpet stinging her bare feet after some time of this. If she failed his game…again…escaping was going to be impossible.

And she had to escape. Now. Before they found out the truth, the awful truth…the truth that told of how they had succeeded. Knowing them, they’d probably have it out of her by the end of tomorrow. And that was too close. Much too close to risk staying…especially considering that they’d ship her off to the Factory if they found out.

There were no lights installed in her room, supposedly a way to keep her from staying up all night--- if she wasn’t rested, then it was harder to screw with her because she’d just freeze up and grow unresponsive to their questions. Therefore, when it grew dark, it simply grew dark. Quite the early bedtime, but she had never complained before now. Vanessa enjoyed the solitude, the dark, the quiet of night. If it hadn’t of been for him, and his constantly coming to pester her as the sun set, it would be her sanctuary of time.

Vanessa let out a frustrated sigh and went over to her chest-of-drawers. Opening the top drawer and peering down inside, she found herself just barely tall enough to see what was in there, nestled against the lining paper with its little pink flowers. The photos. She took one out. It was about the size of a book, thin, old, the back staining yellow. On the front was an image of mother. Mother had known lots of things before she was killed.

In her own way, and certainly in the eyes of her daughter, mother had been beautiful. Tall and thin. Black rimmed glasses that always fell down to the bottom of her nose. Skinny lips and mousy brown hair that draped around her jaw. A feather among rocks. A weak body with a strong soul. Vanessa had loved her mother with all her heart, and she her.

With one…two…three…strokes of her hand, Vanessa gently dusted off the photo. She did this every night. Her mother needed to be cared for. She leaned in and blew on it, trying to eliminate all the non-existent dust that she imagined clung to every fiber of the photo’s surface.

Then there was a knock on the door: easy, polite. Not in a hurry. Just a little rap-tap-tap.

Heart leaping into her throat, she put the photo back in its drawer and slammed it shut. “Come in,” she said automatically.


The Story

Year 2047. Somewhere else in the galaxy. Somewhere else in time.

The innocent but primitive planet of Saratosa is being invaded by what are known as “Angels” to the population. They are known as “Angels” simply because of their beauty: these guys look like they were chiseled from stone. In reality…their actions are far from angelic.

The Angels, with their more advanced technology and large ‘ships,’ have a tendency to destroy every village in their path in an attempt to conquer. It is on top of the resultant rubble that they build new cities of their own. They have no qualms about killing every native that stands in their way…except for a select few. Children chosen at random. These native children are kidnapped from their respective homes and are taken away to Angel cities to be experimented on. The Angels hope that this experimentation will eventually lead to something great…though they do not know what this “great” thing will be.

If the experiments succeed in any way, the successful child is to be sent off to a Factory--- where they are subjected to mind control.

You will be playing as one of these ‘select’ children. Seeing as how this facility is located in the Angels’ capital city, Charnie, every character will be starting there.


The Setting

The setting is pretty much open to your interpretation and what you’d like it to be, (this is on another planet, so feel free to go wild with descriptions of wildlife and ‘creatures’) except for a single point:

Angel cities must be more beautiful and more complex than native’s. This is sort of a facepalm point…since the Angels come from very advanced planets and the natives don’t even know what a spaceship is.

As for myself, I was thinking very, very “Art Deco/Pop Art” when it came to the Angel cities, maybe throwing in some mech here and there….and for the native villages…I was thinking, like, old-style Japan or something. But meh. I don’t really care what you do with the setting because, if you let me have the run of it, then I’m going to make it much too complex and I don’t wanna do that to you guys.


The Goals/Rules

Your goal is basically (of course) to escape from the facility and try to figure out the mystery of what is going on in your world…and, eventually, put an end to the madness and preserve your kind. Through this basic set-up, we should be able to create many different storylines.

- No godmodding/powerplaying.

- If your child has powers, then they were NOT born with them. Powers, if any, must be the result of the experiments and must also be something they have to keep secret.

- This is literate. You can use script style, but it still must be literate.

- Katie will be in charge of the Angels and what they do, but if you’d like to make another character alongside your child and help her with the bad guys, feel free.

- Age limit for children is 5-16.

- Let’s try to get along. No arguing!

- Nothing that goes against Forum rules.

- Once I have at least two players, we can start.

Character Sheet

Full Name:
Species: (Human, neko, half-kitsune, furry, etc. If furry, tell what species.)

Powers: (Don’t go too hog-wild, please. They can’t be able to just do whatever they want or there’s no challenge.)

Little girls can love unconditionally....and they can hate unconditionally as well...


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