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Re: Azure Skies, Chapter 1

Posted: August 23rd, 2009, 6:50 pm
by oldwrench
Alfred: I'm afraid the best we can do for this man is ease the pain of his last moments. Perhaps though he will be able to reveal something before he passes on.

Re: Azure Skies, Chapter 1

Posted: September 4th, 2009, 1:34 pm
by yuki_tenshi
*The man started coughing blood but he tried his best to talk. Lyra felt her stomach churning as she held the cloth to the man's wounds. She knew he would die Alfred thought so too but even then there was something wrong with just waiting for someone to die. Suddenly her eyes were clouded and she saw familiar faces covered with blood. Then she heard low whimpers.*

*Lukas was alarmed when he heard his sister whimpering. Alfred had also stopped and was staring at Lyra. He saw her hands white and trembling. Without warning he pulled the cloth from her hands and tossed it to Alfred. He moved Lyra away from the dying man and pushed her head to his chest.*

Lukas: Hey...calm down...Lyra.

Lyra: Papa's bleeding...and so is Mama...and George...and Lucy...everyone's going to much blood...Lukas...Lukas... *Lyra pushed from Lukas, her eyes wide and filled with tears. Lukas remembered the time after the massacre of their family. Lyra hadn't cried then, she was calm, almost emotionless especially when she declared she didn't want revenge on the people who attacked their family.*

Lukas: It's alright Lyra...I won't leave. It's fine.

*Lyra was panting as if she ran a mile but she was trying to control herself. The vision was now fading away and Lyra could feel the embarrassment starting. Why did she even remember that horrible sight? Was it because of that man being covered by blood so much like her own family? It was so unfair. Why did they kill her family? Why?*

Lyra, whispering: Lukas...

Lukas,softly: Yea?

Lyra*her voice was sharp but still barely audible*: I hate those people.

*Lukas closed his eyes, he knew what she meant. He continued to whisper with her until she fully calmed down.*

Re: Azure Skies, Chapter 1

Posted: September 4th, 2009, 9:40 pm
by oldwrench
*Alfred looked at the young girl and shook his head. Children shouldn't be burdened with such things. She must have had some very traumatic experience.*

Alfred looked down: Darn old ears, I just can't make out what he is trying to say.

Re: Azure Skies, Chapter 1

Posted: September 5th, 2009, 9:56 am
by yuki_tenshi
*Lyra rubbed her eyes one last time. She looked up at eyes similar to her own. She didn't smile...she never faked anything with her brother. Lyra tried to turn back to the dying man but Lukas wouldn't let her.*

Lyra, softly: I think I'm fine now Lukas...

Lukas: Lyra...

Lyra: Really. It's gone...

Lukas, sighing: Fine.

*Lyra took in a deep breath. Lyra headed to where Selene, her wolf, Christian and Silmeria was. She stopped and her hand flew to her mouth as she gasped. Lukas was behind her and gave an expletive. This time though Lyra didn't go into shock and Lukas felt a little relieved. But seriously his sister needed to stop seeing things like this. Lyra took a step forward, Lukas heard Hati start growling and Lukas went closer to his sister just in case.*

Lyra: The marks are familiar.

Lukas: What do you mean?

*Lyra walked passed Selene and knelt down next to a dead body that was covered by several gashes and dried blood. She looked at it with a critical eye, all her previous reactions gone.*

Lyra: The wounds aren't made by normal sword. It's like the sword is really long...and the blade isn't smooth like a usual sword. It's like the blade are ragged...see *Lyra pointed at uneven wounds* it's like the the sword was made for hacking...*Lyra looked at her brother.* You know the story of a monster that wields a sword as tall as it is? It's a summoned monster...but its one of those monsters that belong to the high level summons. Lukas...

Lukas: It's a Dragon-Tooth warrior?

Lyra: Yea...Lezard Valeth.

Lukas: He was here...

Lyra: Why did he do this?

Lukas: I don't think he'll remember us?

Lyra: I think so...but I think we should worry if he'll remember us fondly.

Lukas: Good point...he would summon another like this, right?

Lyra: Don't know. We shouldn't do anything suddenly, though...just in case.

Re: Azure Skies, Chapter 1

Posted: September 10th, 2009, 4:23 pm
by Raine

Hati: it seems that this scene is familiar....

Selene:he might not be too far his a summoner??

*Selene looks at Hati*

Hati:If we pursue this path,we might encounter some truths... you agree we should travel with them....*looks at silmeria* If we head out now we might be able to make a good distance then make camp and then be able to catch up in the morning....