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Re: Frozen - Prologue

Posted: September 17th, 2008, 11:28 pm
by oldwrench
Jim: Dam, they have their sights on us now.... can we get enough speed to get away? They must know what they're doing.... but. Avan, you could try an old fighter plane, dogfight trick we used in Vietnam..... Hit the brakes....... Ah, stop real fast. By the time they react they'll be running up on top of us. They'll have to hit the brakes, maybe have to turn. Your guys could get in a few good shots with that 20mm, then in the confusion, we hit the gas and get out of here.

Avan: ...... What the hell's a fighter plane? ....... Avan turned back toward Baran.

Re: Frozen - Prologue

Posted: October 24th, 2008, 4:33 am
by oldwrench
Avan: That's crazy, it'd be suicide. But damn, they're gaining to fast, we cant get away at this rate. What the hell do they have to make them that fast? *An explosion just to the left ahead of the Machinae Prime forced a quick decision. Avan called on his communicator.* Hyunkle, Leona, hold on tight, we're going to hit the brakes, when they get close take your shots.

Hyunkle: WHAT! You're insane, that's...............

Avan: Beran, Do it!

*Beran shook his head, but he reversed the thrust fans and cut back the lift fans. The craft shuddered and bucked hard as the tough rubber skirt scraped over the uneven ground. Jim held tight to a handle on the console as Aimi fell sideways against him. Jim wrapped his arm around her and kept her on her feet. The ride smoothed as Beran brought up the lift fans. The Shadow of Deth loomed large behind them as it's crew, taken by surprise, started to react. The Shadow slewed sideways and dropped down to brake it's great speed. Hyunkle took a shot and saw the glass on the front of the right side of the bridge explode inward, that would mess things up a bit. His second hurried shot, somewhere between skill and luck, tore in through the fairing of a gun turret, The turret exploded off the deck in a ball of flame.*

Avan: Now! Go, go.

*The Machinae Prime leaped ahead as Beran put the drive fans in full drive. Aimi quickly balanced the settings to drive all four engines to their limits. Jim watched as the temps on engine number three rose very quickly.*

Jim: I hope we don't have far to go.

*Aimi pointed ahead. Jim saw walled city coming up ahead, but would they be in time? The Shadow had recovered and was again firing on them. Their shots were falling just behind the Machimae. Jim felt the ship vibrate and looked back, there was telltale smoke, then flames out of the number three engine. Aimi quickly shut down the engine and hit the fire suppression system. They started to lose speed.*

Avan looked at the city: Come on Zak........ we could use some support here.

Beran: You can't be expecting help from him, I just hope he let's them open the doors, he's still mad at us for........

*They saw a flash, then another, from the wall of the city. geysers of dirt bracketed the Shadow and the bigger craft rapidly started to turn away. Aimi pulled the engines down to a safe power level, and Jim noticed her sag as the danger passed.*

Avan: I guess he isn't that mad at us anymore.

Beran: Ok, but what's he going to think of these people we found? No way he'll believe they came from so long ago. He'll probably say their spies and have them thrown out.

Avan: He may be the security chief, but he'd have to have the council's agreement before he can do anything.

*Aimi was leaning heavily on the console. Jim watched as she gathered herself and stood up.*

Aimi: Damn it Avan, now see what you've done, trashed another engine. Where the hell are we going to get another replacement? How can we afford one?

Jim smiled: I haven't felt a rush of excitement like that since my last combat mission in Vietnam. We might be lucky, Aimi. You got it shut down quickly. Looks like the oil lines broke. If the blades are alright we can put bearings in it and get it up and running again.

Aimi: If the bearings spun in the housing were screwed. We'd have to get a housing, and you don't want to know what they cost either.

Jim: If you have a few machine tools, I could bore and sleeve the housing. Just need a lathe and boring bar, maybe a milling machine.

Aimi stared at Jim: You can do that? You're a smith?

Jim: Ah.... Ya, I had to be able to make parts in my business. If that's a smith, then that's what I am.

Aimi: The smith in town died when I was young. He was going to teach me how to use his machines, but never had the chance. We haven't had a smith in town since. We always have to travel to a larger town to have parts made.

Jim smiled: Great, I'd like to see those machines.