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Re: Inshou (Gakkou 2nd Season)

Posted: June 22nd, 2009, 9:17 am
by Raine
Ria:i feel that your gone..oneesan.

*walks to where hideki laid,she lower her body crawling above him to take a look at his face*

Ria:what is so special to this cowardly man?that you had to suffer....Rivel may had a reason to hate you,tsuchimi hideki huh?

Re: Inshou (Gakkou 2nd Season)

Posted: June 22nd, 2009, 9:22 am
by Zeratul2k
* Hideki groaned and opened his eyes slowly. His vision was blurred and he couldn't think straight, but he had heard a voice near him and wanted to know who or what it was. *

Hideki: What... who's that?

Re: Inshou (Gakkou 2nd Season)

Posted: June 22nd, 2009, 9:23 am
by Raine
*Ria froze till hideki and her eyes met*


*she stood up only to lose balance and fall onto her butt*


Re: Inshou (Gakkou 2nd Season)

Posted: June 22nd, 2009, 9:39 am
by Zeratul2k
* Hideki sat up, massaging his eyes with one hand. He looked at Ria again, his sight was getting better. *

Hideki: Ah, you're the girl from before... what happened? No wait, don't tell me, I remembered.

* He sighed and looked at the fire near them. *

Hideki: ... you must be thinking I'm some kind of pathetic, selfish man... it's not like a care what anybody thinks, but... all I want is everything to go back to the way it was before any of this happened... or at least to make everything stop. I've had enough...

* He looked at Ria. He seemed distant. *

Hideki: I can't save anyone... but I think I can make this all come to an end.


* Somewhere else deeper in the forest, Raika tried to catch dinner while Ringo still fumed behind her. *

Ringo: Oi, answer me! What are you doing with Hideki? Where and when did you find him?

* Raika made a sign to Ringo to keep silent, then jumped towards a small rabbit, trying to catch it. The rabbit escaped, but Ringo noticed how surprisingly silent her movements had been. *

Ringo: ... just who the heck are you?


* Ria stared at Hideki while thinking about what he had just said. *

Ria: ... Make this all come to an end? What kind of end?

Hideki: ... that, I don't know... and honestly... I don't care anymore.

Re: Inshou (Gakkou 2nd Season)

Posted: June 28th, 2009, 10:32 am
by Raine
*comes near hideki and pulls each of his cheek*

Ria:oooooh!you think too much!!your head will explode!!!

*falls flat on her back and looks up*

Ria:you've changed a lot...i don't think she wanted you to save everyone on your own...i think she wanted you to stop the real people behind of all of this...

*shakes her head*

Ria:bleh!i hate thinking...*looks at hideki and smiles*Your not selfish the only thing i find selfish of ou is that your taking this on your and her are the same..since i finally find you,can you take care of ringo now

*stands up*

Ria:where to next?

Re: Inshou (Gakkou 2nd Season)

Posted: June 28th, 2009, 9:56 pm
by oldwrench
*Mike kept firing, he was worried, they just kept coming, not the dozens like had chased them down from up north, but hundreds, maybe thousands. The minigun was out and soon he would be out too, and they just kept coming.*

Kunikida radioed Kelly: We're almost out of amo, Kelly, and there's still a hell of a lot of them almost on us.

Kelly: Just stay on the avenue, trust me, help is almost there.

Kunikida: The whole base couldn't hold this many back, They've never brought a force this big, what the hell did those two get into?

*Mike's cannon ran out of amo, he looked around at Selene, she was holding tight to the minigun to keep from being thrown off the truck as Akira drove like a madman, dodging and slamming through debris, trying to stay ahead of the hoard of demons. Mike pulled his axe off his back. He wouldn't let the monsters at his friends, it didn't matter if there were a thousand........ ten thousand, he would stop them, one at a time if he had to. Mike swung the big axe, slicing two of the flying demons from the air. Two blue streaks passed Mike and two demons fell. Mike smiled, so his Kitsune Hime was with him, they would make this last stand together. Mike roared his defiance to the hoard of monsters. He was answered by the scream of thousands of bullets streaming by the truck. Four hummvee's with mounted miniguns had joined them.*

Kunikida: Four Miniguns?? Kelly, that isn't enough to put a dent in them.

Kelly: Hang in there, we're buying you time, you're almost there.

Akira: What...... is that??

*Ahead on each side of the avenue was a large tank chassis, but instead of a gun turret, there was a large rectangular block raised above the tracks. The hummvee's raced ahead around the tanks, and as the truck drove between the two there was a horrendous roar that lasted several seconds. It looked like a giant broom swept down the avenue as everything for hundreds of meters was swept away. even as the sound died, the rectangular blocks were ejected to the side of the tanks, and a second block was loaded from trucks behind the tanks. In less than half a minute, the roar was repeated, now there was nothing left standing in the avenue, as far as Mike could see.*

Kunikida: Metalstorm! I've read the theory..... but.....

Akira: Ya, I've heard rumors, but I didn't know they were working on one this big.

((The metalstorm system is a stack of 13mm gun barrels, 50 high and 150 wide. Each barrel is loaded with 20 electrically fired rounds. All rounds can be fired in less than 3 seconds. The theoretical firing rate would be in excess of 3 million rounds per minute. It takes the chassis from a 70 ton M1A1 tank with heavy outrigger beams to the rear to handle the recoil. the outriggers are also used as loading ramps. The entire block of preloaded barrels is replaced to reload the system. The support trucks carry four reloads each. Though mine is imaginary, this is a real and practical technology. ... 8151074497