Into the Code

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Into the Code

Post by JHawkNH » April 19th, 2012, 9:41 pm

I have had this story in my head for awhile now, but never put it down on paper. I would really love to animate this someday as I think it would be cooler animated then just words on a page. But don't hold your breath for that. Until then here is the story.

The prelude referanced in this story can be found here The battle for the New All Anime World!

Chapter 1: A trap is set.

General Malicious, leader of the error bugs, seethed with anger in the deepest, darkest corners of the AAW server. FIVE YEARS! It had been almost five years since his forces had been decimated by the sever admin Sakura and her virtual servant, Cutebot. For years, he and what remained of his forces were forced to hide from the antivirus bots. They had to make their home in the deepest slums of the AAW server. Server code, the nectar of the gods, had been denied to them since that day. The Error bugs were forced to live off of what remained of broken image files, unfinished and forgotten story files, and what was left at the bottom of the recycling bin. When ever an Error bug became too tempted by the server code and tried sneak into the kernel to feast on the code, they were instantly destroyed by the antivirus bot. Even if they managed to avoid the antivirus bots, they would quickly be discovered and destroyed by the admin’s watchdog, Cutebot.

For years the Error Bugs had been forced to live in these miserable conditions. For years General Malicious had been desperately searching for a way to get revenge on the admin Sakura and Cutebot, and restore the Error bugs to their former glory. After years of searching every corner of the internet, he had finally found his chance at revenge. It had been one month since that discovery and the General had been carefully laying out the ground work for his revenge. He had sent in a Special Forces group into an under-protected part of the server, the IRC server, to silently install code. The job had been a success and they were just a minutes away from revenge. The admin and others were logging into IRC for their weekly chat. After a few minutes the code that the Special Forces had installed would run and the Error bugs revenge would begin. A new age for the Error bugs was about to begin.


Sakura sat at her desktop and logged into IRC. Sakura had started the All Anime World, or AAW for short, server over a decade ago because of her love of anime and all things cute. A lot had changed since that first day. She had since lost interest in anime, the server had gone from just a few users to hundreds and back to few users, several crashes and revisions, old friends leave and new friends are made. Over the years it had been an interesting ride. There were times when she had become so frustrated that she was ready to give up and just pull the plug on AAW, but she had friends on AAW and she didn’t want to give up on them. She looked forward to the day when the server would see hundreds of users again, but until that day she had a few users that helped to keep AAW active. They usually communicated on the forum, but IRC gave them a chance to communicate in real time so she always enjoyed these sessions. Even if it did mean that she was up till 2am.

*Sakura has logged in.
JHawkNH: The leader has arrived!
Hiki: Hi Sakura.
Sakura: Hello everyone. Who is all here?
Zeratul2k: *welcomes Sakura with a parade and flowers.
Hiki: here
Zeratul2k: also here
JHawkNH: mentally or physically?
Sakura: No Oldwrench?
JHawkNH: He is going to be a little late. He had to send the grandkids home.
Zeratul2k: *points in a direction. Ok kids, start walking.
Hiki: That’s cruel Zera. :(
Sakura: So what did I miss?
JHawkNH: Z2K and I were discussing computers and Hiki was complaining that computers hate her.
Hiki: well they do!
Sakura: Computers tend to hate me to.
JHawkNH: but Cutebot doesn’t hate you.
Sakura: Cutebot loves me and I love Cutebot.
*Cutebot purrs
*Oldwrench has logged in.
Hiki: Hi Oldwrench.
Sakura: Get the kids sent off?
Zeratul2k: *points Go West young man.
Oldwrench: Yes the kids are gone. And no Zeratul2k, the parents picked them up.
Zeratul2k: Kids have it so easy these days. In my day…
Oldwrench: Zeratul2k you are still a young pup. Your days weren’t that long ago.
Hiki: Does anyone have any requests for me to draw?
Oldwrench: I love everything you draw Hiki.
Hiki: Thanks.
Sakura: More cute girls with ribbons and bows.
Hiki: Ok.
JHawkNH: more RnT! ^_^
Hiki: I know, I am working on that.
Sakura: Speaking of long waits. When are you going to upload the Anime Detour pictures?
JHawkNH: Sorry. I keep meaning to, and something keeps coming up. I will get it done soon.
Zeratul2k: Did you get your picture taken with any cute girls this year?
JHawkNH: No. That pic from last year was a fluke due to a drunk girl.
Zeratul2k: Sure, blame it on a drunk girl. Besides, we know girls scare you.
JHawkNH: I am not scared of girls.
Oldwrench: That’s true. JHawkNH is not scared of girls. He is just shy around them.
JHawkNH: I am not shy. At least not completely. I just feel like a pedo if I ask a girl half my age to take a picture with me.
Oldwrench: At least you can take the pictures. I feel like they look at me like a pedophile if I even ask to take their picture.
*Sakura has become The Goddes of Cuteness
Zeratul2k: Can you change my name to “The Cool One”?
JHawkNH: I vote for “Hiki’s slave”.
*Zeratul2k has become Hiki’s slave
Hiki’s slave: HEY!
JHawkNH: hahahahaha
Hiki: Yay. My very own slave! :)
Hiki’s slave: I vote for JHawkNH to be No Girlfriend
*JHawkNH has become No Girlfriend
No Girlfriend: That’s cold. That’s really cold…
Hiki’s slave: Do unto others… XD
*No Girlfriend has become JHawkNH
*Hiki’s slave has become Z2K
The Goddes of Cuteness: Now that the names are back, any suggestions for AAW?

As Sakura was waiting for their suggestions, a private message window popped up.
“Who is Gen Mal?” wondered Sakura.

JHawkNH: Did one of you guys just send me a private message as “Gen Mal”?
Hiki: Not me.
Z2K: Me either. I got the same PM.
Oldwrench: I got one also.
JHawkNH: Good, I was hopping none of you sent me a link to a porn site called
Oldwrench: Is there spam on IRC now?
Hiki: How do you know that it is a porn site?
Z2K: 68plus1?
Hiki: I don’t get it.
Z2K: …
JHawkNH: Oh to be young and innocent.
The Goddess of Cuteness: I will complain to the IRC managers later. For now we should just close the windows. For all we know it could be a virus site.

Deep inside the AWW server General Malicious smiled evilly.
“Got you!” he laughed as the trap was sprung. The code was not in the link, but in to X that closed the window. “Now our revenge begins!”

As Sakura closed the PM window a strange sensation entered her hand. At first it was a small tingle, almost like a vibration or a small electrical shock. But the intensity began to grow and spread up her arm. Frightened, Sakura try to take her hand off the mouse but found that it wouldn’t move. Now beginning to panic she tries to push herself away from the computer, but sensation had already reached her chest and legs.

“What is happening?” she stammered out in horror. “Is this heart attack?” No, she thought to herself. This was happening to fast to be a heart attack. But what was it.

As the sensation reached her head, her ears began to ring and her vision blurred. As she blacked out, her last thought was, “Am I dying?”
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Re: Into the Code

Post by Hiki » April 22nd, 2012, 10:08 am

Ooooh, do continue when you have time! I like this~! I would also love to see it animated, but that would probably take loads of time, so as a story is fine too :ho:
Though shouldn't "watchdog" be "watchcat"? :meh:
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Re: Into the Code

Post by JHawkNH » April 24th, 2012, 4:28 pm

Sakura may disagree with this but I figure watchdog sounds more menicing then watchcat. :gg:
I will be continueing the story. I have the first part, the ending, and certain scenes already planned out. It will just be a matter of stiching them together and filling in the gaps.
There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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Re: Into the Code

Post by oldwrench » April 25th, 2012, 3:54 am

Fill away, it's interesting.

I am still working on mine........ when I get the time.
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