5 minutes: McFarlaine's Winter

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5 minutes: McFarlaine's Winter

Post by Kira » September 14th, 2010, 9:38 am

Chapter One: The Arrival.

A loud buzzing noise fills the once quiet dark room. In the dark shadows, a hand creeps out from beneath a body of blankets. It gropes in the darkness, looking for the cause of this loud buzzing noise. The hand bangs on the bedside table twice before finding this noise making tyrant.

Once the hand has finally completed its mission in putting an end to this tyrant of ending sleep. The hand limps to the corner of the bed in victory. A loud sigh comes somewhere deep within this mountain of blankets. It begins to stir, coming to life. The once limp hand reaches up, pulling the blanket down, revealing its true face. John Crichton.

Its his first day at the military academy. He sighs. As his mother, recently windowed from the death of her husband. Taps at his door, “John, its 6am. We need to start packing.”

John gets out of bed and looks around at his room, everything he needs is already all packed up. He starts loading the car. His mother stops him, dusting his clothes, “I know this isn't the career path you chose for yourself, but your father would be so proud of you.”

John looks over to the large storage unit where his father's Epyon is stored, “I know.”

They get in the car and drive off. Its a six hour drive from their home to the military academy. John was recently forced to leave NASA, over a “Sabotage” incident, between him and a fellow partner. Since John was a young man, he had a brilliant man, to brilliant as some would say. He knew how to hack and crack into deep system, or manipulate someone else to do his “dirty” work at times.

John, had never drank before, but after being fired, his life dream being stolen from him. He turned to the bottle. Already being quite skilled in hand to hand combat thanks to his father, was on a drunken binge. He was getting rowdy, the bartender called the cops. John was easily able to subdue three officers. It took five more to bring him down. The Court, or rather the government saw potential, plus with his NASA background and who his father was, they gave him an ultimatum.

“Did you hear about Eva?” His mother asks.

“Yeah, I don't see anyone else taking over dad's position. To bad they decommissioned the 501. I guess it makes sense, the new mobile now have thrusters, there no need for a airborne division. I would have liked to give her a proper goodbye.”

“A John, “Goodbye.” She teases him, even his mother knew of John's reputation.

“I really respected her. After the whole President Clark Incident, and the Out World War. Its nice to see the world finally getting back to normal. Its just to bad...” John, sighs. “I was... it was gonna be ground breaking, in Space technology and travel...”

John was given a ultimatum, prison or serve in the military. After the Out-World War, military would seem like prison for him. After a long drive. They finally arrive to his destination, the Military Academy. John gets out of the car and grabs his sack and makes his way to his signed room. John requested a single room, he figured since he was in prison, he make the most of it with a few new “acquaintances”, Especially being the son of one the most famous early mobile fighters, it wasn't hard. He enrolled, using his mother name, instead of Winters.

John and his mother bid each other a farewell. He lays in his bed and stares up at the ceiling. Suddenly his phone vibrates. He checks it and its a text from Heather, After all these years. They still stayed in contact. Of course for the usually “Casual” encounter. She had gotten a desk job at the Military Academy.

The Text Reads: Hey, Are you here yet!? Get with me later, if you explore around “town” there a nice little club, I think you'll like :)

John smirks a wicked smile. It had been a long while since he seen her. He closes his eyes, and burned into his memory was her body, her perfect curves. Her scent and taste. He stops. Just a play thing, thats all she ever was, just his toy, he had to play with every now and then. She was still “committed” to Greg. He thinks of Eva, a woman he respected. They had they're fun, but love? No. John was a huge flirt. Dated many women, but was only intimate with two women, Heather and Eva. But never once was any of them, ever being close to even be consider a lover. John heart, pangs a little. Was it him? Did he not know how to love? He could pleasure any woman, but love them?

John, lays in his, he reaches for his cd player and pops in a Recovery. John being a hunter, has a large collection of 20th and 21st century albums. He skims to the song, No Love. John was never a huge Eminem fan, but he liked a lot of tracks off of Recovery. He drifts off to sleep. He dreams of “her” again. He doesn't know who she is. He knows he's meant her once, maybe. Long ago.

He wakes up, his cd player on the 3rd trip around. He sighs, turning it off. His phone, vibrates. He had gotten a reminder text from Heather. He was feeling hungry. He grabs his mp3 player, puts it on random, and goes for a early evening stroll. Johnny Cash, The Wanderer was playing. He closed his eyes and taking in the setting sun and the fresh air.

Just as he was opening his eyes, he crashed into in a young woman, “Ow! Hey! Watch it!” She shouted.

John, rubbing his face, “Serious? That was like from a movie...” He stopped looking down at the young woman. She was beautiful and even laying in the floor, he could tell she was tall, almost as tall as him. He reaches out his hands, to help her out. “Look, I'm really sorry.”

“Yeah, Yeah!” She cleans herself.

“Here, let me...” He goes to grab her things. “Are you far from here? I can give you a hand. Are you alone? Family?”

Hearing the family part, she stiffens. “No. No, family. Yes, I'm alone. And I would prefer it that way.” She has her hand out stretched.

John looks at his hands, “Oh!” He hands her stuff. “I'm Sorry... Look, I can really help you, please.”

She sighs, “Fine, I'm Georgianna, By the way, Georgianna McFarlaine.

John flashes a smile, “The names Crichton, John Crichton.”

Georgianna, can't help but smile to herself, he was very handsome and cute. “I'm in room 501.”

“Heh, of course, 501.” He laughs to himself, his father's old unit number.

“Well, Come on, Crichton, I don't have all day.” She orders him.

“Yes, Ma'am.” He teases.

She stops and glares at him, “I already know, I'm not gonna like you.”

“I don't know about that, Once you get to know, ol' Johnny Boy.” He winks at her.

She can't help but smile, For the first time in her life, she felt a little happy, With her family past, and school loan, This was her only option left. She didn't really want to be here, she didn't really want to interact with people, but here he is. There's something about him. She brushes him off, “Okay, Cowboy. Settle down.”

John, gathers her stuff and follows her as she leads the way, he checks out her bottom, as she sways her hip walking, Nice, body he thinks to himself. They reach her room, a private quarter as well. “How'd you score a place like this?”

“I was able to make a few arrange with my current situation...” Her tone trailing.

John getting the hint, “Have you gotten something to eat?” He asks her.

“Actually, my day had been so busy. I actually have stuff I was gonna prepare. But I day without cooking is always a good day.”

“Great, I...Don't know any place around here,” He chuckles.

“You're not a teacher? Or personnel?” She asks.

“Me? Oh, God no! You kidding.” He laughs.

“I'm sorry, I thought you were older.” She tells him.

“Well, I am twenty-six. No offense to you, but you seem quite older to.”

“Twenty-one. I just graduated from NYU. Loan payments. This was my best option.”

“Ah, I see. What division?” He asked.

“Um, Heavy Division, Armored/Mechanized, Under the direction of Captain Green.

John smiles wide, “Well looks like we're fellow classmate, sweetheart.”

“Lucky me.” Georgianna teases.

John holds the door open, “Shall we?”
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