Kira tries his hand at Pulp Fiction.

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Kira tries his hand at Pulp Fiction.

Post by Kira » July 27th, 2010, 2:40 am


It was late at night, I was down at the docks, Mickie Mallow was watchin' his boys, pointin' and shoutin' orders. Lucky me, Two Sticks was right about his info this time, Looks like Two Sticks gets to live another day. Lucky Bastard, I was looking forward to bashing a few skulls in, but looks like I'll have to settle on Mickie. He's been trying to muscle in on my turf for about a year now. I got me my enforcers. The Twins, Ox and Bull. They ain't pretty to look at, but sure as hell got a whopper of an arm on them both.

Before I cames here, I was at the Pub. Horton was introducing a new Dame, Lindsay. Boy did she have the looks of a true killer, that red dress, shaking down her body, her hips filling it in on all the right places. I was shaken in two, when Paulie slapped me on the back. Jerk got the dropped on me, That was his second strike. His first, when Horton was telling me about his sick mama. Snatched my cold one from under my nose. So I broke his.

He was going on about the ghouls closing in. Those damn ghouls. Ever since that dark overlord, Kira, and that damn monkey of his, what hell does he call it, Banjo? What the hell does a monkey have to do with a Banjo?! I mean serious, its like those people who name their dogs, Mr. Bojangles, when its a bitch. Paulie was telling me how on his way over here. He ran over a ghoul that was on fire. Hell if it was me, I would have used his ashed trashed carcass to light my cigar and laugh carelessly into the night air, as the wind blew in my face.

I was giggling like a little school girl at the thought, when Lindsay looked over my way. She smirked to herself. God knows what she was thinking. I couldn't help but blushed a bit, I blamed it on the alcohol, I pulled my hat over my face. She was trying to sweet talk me. This dame had a reputation, she sweet talk you, use you and laugh at you. I wasn't gonna let her get her way tonight. I maybe as ugly as a mule but I wasn't as smart as one. After I told her off. Paulie came back in and asked what was wrong with Lindsay, her eyes were red and puffing. I felt kinda bad, but shook it off, telling myself she's was just turin' a tantrum like a little kid, stumpin' his feet.

I looked at the clock, it was almost time fer me to leave. I asked Paulie for a favor. He owned me the little pipsqueak bastard. I grabbed him by shirt collar, lifted him over my head, and threw his ass in the car. He was a fidgety little bastard, but lucky me, I keep a severed head from a ghoul I found in the glove department, I couldn't help but chuckle, tossing that thing about in the car, trying to keep it from biting him.

We reach the docks. Mickie Mallow is there, I crouch behind a crate. Mickie Mallow hasn't discovered me yet. That's always a good sign. I wait for my chance, to get the drop on him, he'll be the hardest. What I need is a distraction. Then right on que, Paulie comes running screaming with the damn head, still joggling it like a mad man. Mickie Turns around. This is it my chance. Finally I'll be rid of him for good!

Then I hear a loud crash, like a thousand crates breaking. No, it can't be. Not him! Not now!

I turn to look and there he is, in all his glory. Captian Fishstick MacHead. A man with the head of fish and two hook hands. I grab Paulie and try to make a break for it. Damn, Paulie, why couldn't I just leave your sorry ass behind.

He spots me, I throw Paulie into MacHead. The Head does the rest. I feel a hard hit behind me, Mickie...
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Re: Kira tries his hand at Pulp Fiction.

Post by GrahamR » October 3rd, 2017, 3:39 pm

Write some more Kira!

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Re: Kira tries his hand at Pulp Fiction.

Post by Sakura » October 3rd, 2017, 9:45 pm

I wished he would, but I haven't seen him for years. Did you read oldwrench's "5 Minutes" and "5 Minutes Reloaded" stories already?
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