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Post by Bertrand » December 5th, 2007, 2:53 am

Name: Zwerver

Race: Human

Hair: Black with a bit of premature graying

Eyes: Silver-blue

Description: Full-time traveler, most-of-the-time just plain lost, Zwerver is a person of wanderlust--unable to really stay in any one place for a long time before moving on. With his terrible sense of navigation, he's likely to stumble into anything and everything between him and his next destination. His right hand is an enhanced cybernetic prosthetic, great for tough-to-open food jars! While he completely lacks in any knowledge of magic, he has an affinity with gizmos, gadgets, and whatchamacallits! While he wears a variety of weather-beaten clothes, he always wears an unusual metal carapace beneath everything. In conversation, Zwerver can barely hold a sentence together without getting distracted by something else.
"And so a quarter of the earth blew up into space all because of an evil sandwich and its worldly ambitions!"

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