Hello o:

Step in and introduce yourself. Keep in mind - you're about to join an absolutely crazy forum!
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Re: Hello o:

Post by plushie_sano » June 7th, 2009, 6:04 pm

Thank you all, it's good to be back around you guys! :3
Sadly i still haven't figured out college yet... I really want to go for Graphic Design. But they treat that field more like a job, and don't cut you any slack (even if you have a learning disability, and such) So i wouldn't be able to keep up, and probably would end up failing the courses. Other then that... life is pretty good, i finally got back into my life passion (martial arts/ Tae Kwon Do) I'll worry about college tomorrow.. no need on getting worked up on something you don't have much control over.

So what's new with you guys?

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Re: Hello o:

Post by Hiki » June 7th, 2009, 6:47 pm

nothing new here (speaking for myself here), as far as I know. Nothing big anyway.

I hope everything works out for you :love:
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Re: Hello o:

Post by oldwrench » June 7th, 2009, 7:07 pm

I have a new employee, and my old one retired........ grandkids are growing...... always omething new if you look for it.

College, how about going for something in computer work, a lot of graphics are computer based now. There are also some graphic arts courses on the net, you could work your way through one of those on the side. Don't know where you're from, but I'll put in a plug for my state, check these guys. http://www.mcad.edu/ Besides, they hos the Schoolgirls and Mobilesuites anime weekend every fall. http://www.mcad.edu/showPage.php?pageID=1189

All college courses should treat the subject like a job. You'll be moving out into the real world soon, you need to get a feel for the real world.

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