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*Shi sends the nurse away and gets out of bed. She feels slightly dizzy but she forces herself to find her clothes which were folded in a bag in a drawer and she gets herself dressed. After dressing she sits on the bed to clear her head and presses the nurse button. A nurse comes through the doorway and is alarmed to see Shi sitting up and dressed*

Nurse: Miss Shiawase you really need to be resting!

Shi: I just had the longest night of sleep in my life, the last thing I want to do now is rest.

Shi: actually, rest sounds so nice

Nurse: But Miss-

*Shi cuts her off*

Shi: just get the doctor will you? I need to get out of here and I need a written excuse for school.

*The nurse bows and goes to get the doctor. Shi sits on the edge of the bed glowering until the nurse returns with the doctor*

Doctor: Miss Shiawase, I really must protest your discharge when you are still in such a precarious state.

Shi: Does it look like I want your opinion? If I want it I'll ask! Now write up the papers so I can leave!

Doctor: I am in charge of your health Miss and I cannot go against what I feel is best for you.

*Shi stands up furiously which causes her to pale and she feels feverish and very tired but she remains diligent*

Shi: Who are YOU to tell me that what you think will make me feel better than what I think will?!?

*The doctor turns to the nurse*

Doctor: get security; have them on standby outside of the ICU.

*The nurse nods and turns and walks away. The doctor approaches Shi gently*

Doctor: Miss Shiawase, you highly overdosed your system on barbiturates and it is still trying to recover. You really can't afford to be pushing yourself

Shi: I can afford lots of things now doctor. I think I can afford this as well. Excuse me.

*Shi shoves past the doctor and the doctor sighs. As Shi exits the ICU she runs into several security personnel along with the nurse from before*


*Shi turns around and looks at the doctor*

Shi: I am set on leaving this hospital today doctor, so either I strain myself by making it through your men or you let me go peacefully.

*The doctor sighs again and nods*

Doctor: Let her go then.

*The security personnel and the nurse step aside as Shi walks out of the ICU and to the elevator. As soon as the doors close she collapses to the floor, her head feeling deprived of days of sleep*

Shi: this........will be harder than I thought.....

*As the chime alerts her to the opening of the doors, she stands up and strolls out into the hospital lobby. As she leaves the hospital she takes out her cell phone and calls information*

Operator: Operator, how may I direct your call?

Shi: Yes I need to speak with the receptionist at the Shiawase Corporation of Tokyo please.

Operator: Please wait while we direct your call.

*The dial tone connects and the phone rings at the main desk of the Shiawase Company*

Receptionist: Shiawase Corporation of Tokyo, how may I help you?

Shi: This is Miss Shiawase. Please have a car sent to the hospital to pick me up as they have released me earlier than was expected.

Receptionist: Of course! Right away Ma'am! Charles will be there-

*Shi cuts her off*

Shi: No. Do not send Charles. Send a separate chauffeur with the Boxster S. He will take me to the school straight away so that I may collect my missing assignments.

Receptionist: Yes Ma'am. Right away.

*Shi closes her phone and sits on a bench to wait for her chauffeur*


*A Boxster S pulls up in front of the hospital and parks before Shi. A man in a suit gets out of the drivers side and opens the passenger seat for Shi. Shi climbs in as the chauffeur closes the door and returns to the driver’s seat*

Shi: Take me to school. I need to pick up my things.

*The chauffeur puts the car in drive and takes Shi to the school. As Shi exits the car she looks back to the chauffeur*

Shi: Wait here.

*Shi slams the door shut and walks into the school. She makes her way slowly to the main office, stopping every so often to lean against a wall and rest. When she arrives there she addresses the secretary*

Shi: My name is Shiawase Shi, I'm here to pick up my missing assignments for the past two days.

*The secretary nods and motions for Shi to take a seat while she finds the files. Shi goes and sits in a chair off to the side and waits as the secretary sorts through various files. The secretary returns with a folder and hands it to Shi. Shi takes the files and bows in gratitude*

Shi: Thank you.

*Shi turns to leave but remembers Yagami. She turns back to the secretary who is behind her desk once more and walks over to the desk*

Shi: Did Yagami Ichigo ever come to school today ma'am?

Secretary: I'm afraid I can't tell you about the other students Miss Shiawase.

*Shi feels a slight annoyance but forces a smile*

Shi: Right, silly me.

*Shi exits the office and turns down the hallway. She makes her way back to the car and tosses the files into her seat*

Shi: Hang on. I have one more thing I need to check.

*Shi turns from the car and goes to the school parking lot. She finds her company Jaguar covered with a sheet and she smirks. Beyond the parking lot she can see the tennis courts, and two people are talking near the gate. Shi smirks again and goes to the Jaguar. She takes the sheet off the car and bundles it up. She then hops onto the trunk and lays in the sun waiting for the two figures to return from the tennis courts*


*Yagami as he talks, stops and raises a finger in the air, he can see a shadow near where the Jaguar is*

Yagami: Shi’s gonna kill me!

Yagami: Shh! Someone is near by, you stay here, and I’ll take a look.

*Yagami leaves Kira at the tennis court and approaches the Jaguar*

Yagami: Someone’s lying on Shi’s car!

Yagami: Excuse me, can I help…you…

*Yagami stops when he realizes its Shi. His lips are parted, as his brains tries to remember to think*

Yagami: Sh-Shi… Hey.


*Shi has fallen asleep from the comforting warmth of the sun and the remaining barbiturates in her system. She is unaware of Yagami’s presence*


*Yagami stops and looks at Shi, he notices how pale she looks, as she lies asleep. His heart begins to race, and his palms sweat over the thought he is having. He reaches over to touch her, to wake her up.

Yagami: Sh-Shi…Hey, Come on.


*Shi stirs gently from her sleep and opens her eyes slowly, blinded by the sun. She raises her hand to block the sun and sees Yagami engulfed in its rays. Shi smirks up at him sleepily*

Shi: mmmm…well isn’t that a pleasant sight to wake up to. You look absolutely radiant in the sun like that.


*Yagami breathes a sigh of relief and smiles at Shi*

Yagami: You’re quite a sight as well, lying on the car like that.


*Shi sits up smirking mischievously*

Shi: You'd be amazed at the sight I can be when I'm fully relaxed then hmmm?

*Still smirking Shi pulls Yagami by the collar into a kiss and she lays back down on the trunk so he is laying on top of her. She tucks her knees up around his waist and rests her arms around his neck as she kisses him more passionately*
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