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Post by Zeratul2k » July 13th, 2007, 5:39 pm

Oldwrench wrote:Chad, Why don't they attack? Are they going to wait till the enemy gets set to defend against them? We need to take this base, and I have to stop that big mech. If it gets away, it could attack from anywhere, we'd never know when or where.

*Making a decision, Chad pulls up the program he set up.* If I hadn't fallen asleep, I could have put in a script to shut them down for good.

Chad: Ok ghost, time to try this. Jon's hopped up firefly is the fastest thing on this planet, and Georgianna's, that minovski drive won't work down in the atmosphere, but with the extra power she should be able to handle anything short of a direct hit by a rail gun. The only Lancers they have are from the Ticonderoga. Hit them with it ghost.

In moments, most of the mechs at the base are motionless. Only five light mechs are moving.

Chad: It worked! Alright! *Chad opens a channel to Georgianna.* Captain, the Red Faction has only five operational mechs for about the next eight minutes. You need to take the base now. *Chad opens the channel to the Krikav and repeats the message.*

Chad, Sh--, now I'm giving orders to my superiors..... Alright, so shoot me later, right now I'm going to stop that overgrown mech of theirs.

*Chad turns his generator power to maximum and pushes the thrusters to the limit to intercept the enemy mech.*
Freya wrote:Georgianna: But what about this one?

*Georgianna, still oblivious to the fact that the enemy mech in front of her is Dominic, lowers her beam saber slightly*
Oldwrench wrote:Chad: That's Dominic, Georgianna, he stole a mech. Those mechs at the base will only be down for about eight minutes, someone's got to secure that place, fast. Unless you want to fight all eighteen mechs.

*Frustrated Chad pulls the cloaked ghost directly into Atropos path.* What's wrong with everyone? Don't they want to stop this war before it gets going? If no-one else will, then I'll have to do it alone.

*It seems that cannon shells blast out of thin air to rake across Atropos, but the shield generator and armored construction ward them off with only slight scratches. Suddenly a beam saber appears as Chad attacks the big mech with fury. The saber draws lines of sparks as it scratches the armored surface.*

Chad: There has to be a weak point, somewhere I can get the saber into it.

*Chad backs off and pushes the thrusters to maximum, trying to ram the saber into the mech, but it turns quickly and he slams into it's hardened shield. Red warning messages flash in front of Chad as Ghost falls rapidly away from Atropos. A green, "emergency systems activated" message, is the last thing Chad sees.*
Agito wrote:*Aidan levels his mech off next to the Krikav, noticing immediately that it is preparing to fire. He turns his head to find what they are aiming at and sees the battlefield ahead including what looks like the incredibaly large mecha that fired at them earlier.*

Aidan:(Still into the radio) Krikav this is Captain Aidan what is our situation!?

*finding no response he brakes his thrusters enough for the hanger to come up beside him. He flys in and as soon as his mecha is safely on the ground he jumps out and races to the bridge.*
Zeratul2k wrote:* Daniel opens a channel to the Red Faction base. *

Daniel: This is Colonel Daniel Hellwind of the EDF, put down your weapons and surrender or we'll open fire!

Edward: Get lost, Hellwind!

* Edward closes the connection and takes his radio. *

Edward: What the hell are you all waiting for!? Kill them!

* The remaining Red Faction light mechs rush recklessly against the Krikav, supported by artillery and small arms fire. Dominic dodges Georgianna and keeps flying towards the Krikav while still trying to set the security. Crap, the emergency channel will have to work, then. *

Dominic: This is Captain Dominic Torres on a captured Thunderbird! Hold your fire, Krikav, I carry critical data!
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