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Agito's Recap

Post by Kira » July 14th, 2007, 3:47 am

((I messed up but I figured it belongs here anyways...Thank Agito-Man :thumb: ))

Have fun reading this and I would like to thank Kira for giving me my own thread for this summary. ((pssst Kira, can you sticky this?))

SUMMARY: Taking place in a fictional fantasy world, Ketsugou begins at the end of an epic battle between two kingdoms. The princess, Arya, and the king, Malchior, of opposite of the battle are the only two that survive. Instead of attacking each other on sight, they both realize that a third party, under the control of Nanashi, interrupted their battle and was the cause of the slaughter. They decide to secretly travel as brother and sister while looking for Nanashi. While heading to a nearby town they run into a big man named Ben and he quickly joins them as a companion. Once they reach the town they meet and befriend an elf girl named Serin. She agrees to let them stay at an orphanage that she runs. They quickly run into another future member of their group in a pharmacy. His name is Donnie and he is the prince of a third country, but due to amnesia he is currently working as an apprentice. Unfortunately, peace doesn’t last long as Malchior, upon noticing Nanashi’s presence, goes berserk and enters the world of his sword Benihime. Here he discovers that his anti-existence has been trying to escape but due to Benihime’s efforts and with the help of Arya the “negative-malchior” was stopped. With her magic sapped, Arya is easily drawn to the River Styx where Nanashi is waiting to kill her. With the last minute help of Malchior she is saved and peace comes again for a brief time. Promising that he will get stronger Malchior goes off to train while the rest of the group take care of Arya but when she finally wakes up they all follow Malchior to the east. Upon finally catching up to him, Arya and Malchior run into a strange old man who attacks them, but with a quick counterattack he is killed and beheaded. Watching the fight is a young child without a name who quickly befriends Ben and sticks with the group. It is here that Donnie first learns that he is the son of a high-standing captain of Al de Baran’s army when a group of knights arrive to protect him. But before he can learn more the undead, again controlled by Nanashi, attack and the group is forced to defend themselves but the undead are easily repelled by all party members. But when Nanashi himself comes to the frontline the tide turns in his favor, Arya is pulled into the river again to fight Nanashi while the rest of the group is left behind to defeat the hordes of minions. Somehow, due to luck ((and a well placed flashback)) Arya is able to escape the river but before she can attack Nanashi’s vulnerable body he once again rejoins the living. In order for a private fight, she teleports herself and Nanashi to a forest but she is overpowered until Malchior shows up and forces Nanashi to retreat. With the defeat of Nanashi the group takes a well-deserved rest while Arya, being very troubled at the time, runs away to be by herself. She returns to her ruined castle and finds Serin waiting for her. Serin’s caring words help to ease Arya’s nerves and suddenly Malchior shows up after following her after a good nights sleep. The others follow Malchior again and end up in a town that he has passed through. In the town, Ben and the young, nameless boy meet a mysterious old woman who warns them of the trouble to come. Ben and the boy go back to meet with Donnie when Arya and the other two show up in the town to reveal that they will be going to Serin’s destroyed village to retrieve a set of necromancer bells. Because of her resentment to go back home, Serin becomes very detached and Arya and her end up in an argument and when it seems like she will never go back, the old woman appears to help her get over her pain. But before they can go, Nanashi and one of his servants begin a new wave of attacks by turning Malchior against the rest of the group. Nanashi captures Arya and Malchior joins him in an attempt to learn more about himself and his father. Before the worst can happen, Ben saves Arya from the river and has her go and try and rescue Malchior. In a side conversation at the same time, Serin informs Donnie that she will go back to her village only because they need help and Donnie’s guards leave him to report the spreading evil to the kingdom. Suddenly Arya bursts into their conversation in order to have Serin help her get Malchior back. But while trying to help Ben (who is still in the river) Serin and Arya have another argument and come close to attacking each other but with the setting sun Arya’s personality changes to a much kinder and rational person. Serin finally decides to return to her village and Arya accompanies her. They arrive in the destroyed village but Malchior is waiting in the shadows for them. Serin and Arya go inside the sacred temple while Malchior stalks them with Nanashi’s servant in an attempt to capture them for Nanashi. They almost succeed but Arya and Serin retaliate and while fighting back, Arya finally retrieves the set of bells. Unfortunately at the same time Malchior (under the name of Lord Bane) stabs her through the chest and with her departure to the River Styx, Serin is easily captured. When he returns to Nanashi, they both go to the river Styx to destroy her once and for all. But it is at this time Malchior decides that love is worth more than power and he betrays Nanashi, but not before being transported back to his body in Nanashi’s castle. Things look grim again but Ben (now fully healed after leaving the river) arrives with Donnie and the nameless boy. They begin to attack the enemy troops while Malchior fights Nanashi’s most powerful minion Anubis. Upon slaying him, it is revealed that the real Anubis is a woman named Lady Kayura. Meanwhile at the river, Arya forces Nanashi to sleep and pass on beyond the 8th gate of the river, but not before becoming one of the greater dead herself. She struggles to make her way back out of death by struggling against the trauma of every gate. On the outside, Lady Kayura is proving to be much more of a match than Malchior had thought she would have been and even after killing her, he isn’t sure whether she is really dead or not. But he doesn’t have time to think about that, Arya is still trapped in death and a warring castle is not the safest place. He grabs Arya and begins to make his way out of the castle, leaving the fighting to Ben, the boy, Serin, and Donnie, who has just seen a ghost of the past… his father.

Arya: Princess of the Magic Kingdom. She and her kingdom took part in a battle against Malchior but they were attacked by a Dark Horde that, for all they know, destroyed everyone except herself and Malchior. Teaming up with him to survive, she views him as a despicable person who is only needed to survive. Everything he does goes against her principle way of life. In the forest outside of the nearest town she and Malchior create false identities and travel ahead as brother and sister, while also picking up a traveler named Ben. When they reach town she warns her "brother" not to do anything stupid yet when he does, they flee to the nearest inn. That is where she first encounters sign of the unknown evil person Nanashi. During yet another fight with her "brother Largo" she hears mention of the elf Serin but storms off to find a pharmacy before any further discussion where she meets a young man named Donnie, along with an all-to-familiar dagger. Once back at the orphanage, she proceeds to create a potion of some sort when she is interrupted by "largo" who is shortly followed by the boy from the store and lastly Ben and the elf girl Serin. This was not the first time the two met and Serin accidentally gave away Arya's real name. Upon noticing that Malchior has entered the world of his sword (explained later on) she follows him and begins a long fight with the Negative Malchior. Despite her victory, when she realized that she was hurting Malchior, she suddenly falls extremely ill due to a concussion from the fight. ((That I didn't realize at first)) In her fevered state, Nanashi draws her to the River Styx in an attempt to take her life but with the helped of Malchior and her own ingenuity. After the near fatal attack, she recovers quickly and notices that Malchior is leaving. Not fully recovered, she falls asleep and when she wakes up, Malchior is already gone. In a fevered rage, she attacks everyone using an ancient unknown language but luckily, she falls asleep again very quickly. She uses her senses after waking up to follow Malchior and together they travel to the east. Upon arriving, an old man unleashes Negi from within Malchior, causing him to take over, but by kissing Malchior, she was able to give him control again. She argued with Malchior about his brutish ways but is quickly interrupted by an attacking Nanashi. His minions arrive first but he comes shortly behind and Arya decides to fight him alone. After a brief skirmish she is wounded and that is all that Nanashi needs to pull her into the River again. After a memory of her teacher plays before her, Arya counterattacks Nanashi and is able to come back to from Death. Unfortunately she cannot attack Nanashi’s body before his spirit comes back from Death as well. Not wanting her friends to be injured, Arya transports herself and Nanashi to a forest where they fight. At first it looks like they are on even terms but it is soon shown that Nanashi has much greater magic than Arya and she would have died if not for Malchior who almost dies from the encounter as well. With Nanashi fleeing, Arya spends some time healing Malchior before talking to Donnie’s new bodyguards. Upon returning to Malchior she get upset and runs off back to her destroyed castle. After spending a night at an inn she finishes her journey to her homeland only to find Serin, the elf, waiting for her. She confides to Serin that she came back to her home to find an ancient heirloom of the family but, as it turns out, it had been given to the elves for safekeeping. Eager to go and retrieve them she tries to persuade Serin to guide her to the village but only ends up yelling at her. Upset, Arya locks herself in her room until Malchior comes in and adds fuel to her anger. All of it is too much for her to bear and she becomes sick. Suddenly Nanashi appears before her and promises her death at the hand of Malchior. Before leaving, he plunger her into the river again and in her sickened state, she can barely resist the flow of the first precinct. Luckily, Ben enters the river and promises to take her place while she goes and retrieves her family heirloom, a set of necromancy bells, from the elves temple. Bursting back into life, Arya goes to Serin again and but only laughs at her as she tries to pull Ben out of the river. With her temper getting the better, Arya comes close to attacking Serin but at that moment the sun goes down and she immediately changes attitudes. Now that it is night, Serin decides to take Arya to the elf village and once inside she feels something watching her, although she doesn’t know what. They make their way to the inner temple and the pursuers come even closer. She turns around and comes to face with Malchior, now Lord Bane. With his mind clouded, Arya is forced to attack him and after a quick battle, she is run through with his sword. As she falls she grabs the bells that Serin had discovered and plunges into death. She moves over to Ben and releases him of his promise and she once again takes her place as watch for Nanashi, waiting for him to appear in the river. It doesn’t take long before Nanashi and Lord Bane, without his mask, appear but Arya only recognizes Nanashi but when Malchior calls out to her, she recognizes him and by passing out, she breaks Nanashi’s hold over Malchior. She wakes up inside Nanashi’s temple with her Phoenix heeling her. After they close, she dives back into Death to face Nanashi. Both she and Nanashi have necromancy bells now but being made of true magic, Arya’s bells are more powerful than the dark magic bells of Nanashi. Quickly ringing her Ranna the sleeper, she causes Nanashi to drop his Astarael that, upon sounding, brings both herself and Nanashi past the eighth gate. Ringing another bell to allow her movement, Arya begins the dangerous and difficult struggle back upstream.

=CURRENTLY= Arya is still in the river but close to life. What is in store for her in the battle in life? And is Nanashi finally dead?

Malchior: Warrior King, he also took part in a bloody battle against Arya but the Dark Horde intervened and destroyed all of his and Arya’s troops and friends. By teaming up with Arya to survive, Malchior hopes to show her how frail she really is, and the essence of a true sword, like his Benehime. But in general he really is out to have a good time. Agreeing that Arya is a good swordswoman, he does not call her his equal yet. Under his old masters name of Largo, he enters the closest town with his "sister" Kakure, he immediately meets a "real live Elf". In the madness that ensues, he tries to do as much damage as he can. After that incident, he learns from Arya that Nanashi is near but not very close. When she leaves, he goes to an armory shop and picks out some new swords/weaponry for Arya to replace her puny katana, which are all rejected by here. When a great evil is noticed following them, Malchior goes berserk and seems to be possessed by a demon but before he can do any real damage, he falls asleep and travels to the world inside his sword where Benihime, his young sword sprit, lives. In here he learns of "Negi" his anti-existence, after fighting him and being saved by Arya, the person that colors his internal world, he reawakens in the real world. After carrying Arya to a separate room to heal, he remembers something about having troops stationed in the east, and goes to leave but notices that Nanashi is trying to kill Arya. With the help of "the elf girl" he successfully "helps" to save her. He continues on his promise to leave and train himself to control "Negi" and to materialize Benihime. After a bitter talk with Negi, he finally leaves and travels to the east but is quickly joined by Arya after she regained her health. With the appearance of the Old Man, he looses control of himself and Negi takes over but luckily, the old man is killed by Arya and after a passionate kiss, he regains control. But before anything more can happen, Nanashi attacks again and he is forced to fight. Using the power of his Grandfather, General Yama, he gains a new form ((think Ichigo Kurasaki’s Bankai but with a captain’s robe)) and guidance to how to use it. With this form he makes quick work of the enemy around him but he notices that Arya is not with him. With strange weather off in the distant forest, he puts two plus two together and heads off towards Arya’s battle, interrupting right when Nanashi was about to kill her. He fends off Nanashi and after a difficult fight, including Malchior being critically hurt; Malchior was able to counterattack Nanashi enough to force a retreat. After the battle Malchior settled down to rest and received treatment from Arya but when he offered her a drink, it somehow became blood and caused her to run off. Taking the night to rest and gain strength, he set off after her at dawn. Malchior followed Arya until he finally found her at her ruined castle. Arya sets off back to the village but not before Malchior notices a strange mirror, one that shows him holding Arya lovingly AND at the same time showing him licking a bloody sword with her dead body behind him. Before he can comprehend what he is seeing, Arya drags him after herself. Worried about the mirror, Malchior runs into Anubis, one of Nanashi’s most faithful servants. It is Anubis and Nanashi’s plan to convince Malchior to come over to their side. Malchior’s mind is slowly poisoned into believing that he is more powerful than anyone and that Arya and all of his friends are afraid of him. It eventually works and although he constantly shows signs of his humanity, he decides to join with Nanashi; who knights him Lord Bane. On his first mission with Anubis, he follows Arya and Serin to the elf village in order to capture the two. Things don’t go exactly as planned and he ends up fighting Arya and then killing her, sending her to Death. Anubis on the other hand, had successfully captured Serin. Back at Nanashi’s temple, both Nanashi and Malchior travel to death to dispose of Arya but when she collapses, he remembers his love for her and betrays Nanashi. Knowing this would happen, Nanashi forces Malchior out of death and back to Anubis’s side. Anubis immediately orders guards to attack but with a perfectly timed attack by Ben, Anubis himself has to fight Malchior. By combining with Benehime, they become “No Name” who relentlessly attacks and beats back Anubis before splitting apart again. Anubis, furious at their spite, attacks with new aggression but this only blinds him and Malchior soon kills him, or so Malchior believes. As Malchior turns to walk away a woman’s voice calls out. He turns to find a woman that looks surprisingly like Anubis. She tells him that he didn’t kill her but she was indeed Anubis although her name is now Lady Kayura. She and Malchior commence their fight but Malchior immediately realizes that Lady Kayura is much better than Anubis. By playing off her love for Nanashi, Malchior is able to find an opening after releasing his Bankai. He is seriously wounded but has come out victorious as the second incarnation of Anubis dies. Only then does he realize Arya. He rushes over to her as Ben comes up behind him to help out. Malchior stays with Arya and tries to carry her to a place where she won’t be in danger.

=CURRENTLY= Malchior has decided to give Ben Arya to take care of. Instead of retreating, Malchior needs to find out the secret behind his father and the mirror.

Ben: Ben joins up with Arya and Malchior right before they enter town. He is a big man who wields an axe that goes by the name of Thor. He has a wandering ear and quickly overhears not only about Nanashi, but Arya and Malchior's real names. He seems curious about the world and the elf girl Serin but being shy around cute girls, he has trouble talking to her. He senses the great evil that causes Malchior to go berserk but before reaching it, he is too late and feels like an idiot in front of Serin. Despite that, the two, he feels, have become friends and he wants her to help him control his axe which glows blue randomly and uncontrollably at times of great stress. He stays in the real world during the fight with Negi and instead scares off a group of people after Serin. When he comes back and sees the unconscious people in the orphanage, he hears Thor's voice for the first time. It was after this that he first realized that Donnie was in the room and they proceed to get acquainted with each other. He has with him an ancient book that was apparently stolen from Serin's temple and contains powerful magic. It is being sought after by Nanashi. After helping his little friend Serin get the orphans to bed, he helps get her to bed after using up so much magic. Despite everyone’s warnings, he feels like his book is useful and takes it with him as they set off to follow Arya and Malchior. They arrive after the fight and upon noticing the severed head of the old man; he decides to give a proper burial. Taking a liking to the young boy, he gives him the name Mak after his fake name Makubex. When Nanashi attacks, he is there where he can to help as much as he can, using his hammer to strike down any and all foes. During the battle the spirit of his axe tells him of his background. He is really a half giant and as one, he holds a blood pact with the elves to protect, namely in his case, Serin. He secures a barn to keep Serin safe in and when Arya is found in a nearby forest he and Mak make straight for it. He reaches the forest to late for the battle and instead begins to rest from a day of hard fighting. He spends most of his time there conversing with either Thor his spirit, or the lady in his book. After that he has a long talk with Russell, Donnie’s bodyguard. They talk about Al de Baran and Ben learns about the limited amount of magic and the alchemic king. When they are done and after making sure everyone is safe, he goes to sleep briefly before keeping watch. In the morning he finds Malchior, Arya, and Serin missing. He follows their trail to the village where they find out from a inn keeper that they were right behind their friends. Donnie decided to stay at the inn and both Ben and Mak went out to find out more info when Ben ran into an old woman who foretells of death if he chooses to follow Arya and Malchior. After the encounter, he meets up with Donnie only to find Arya and Malchior coming down the road with Serin in tow. Noticing her sadness, he once again goes to his book with the trapped elemental that assures him that if he is there for her, she will slowly become happier. After exiting his room, he notices Arya stumble and fall into Death. He follows her quickly and saves her, promising to take her place until she finds what she is looking for. Thanking him, Arya leave right before Nanashi shows up. He finds it humorous that a “little giant” would dare stand up against him and he soon leaves. After an eternity has passed, a worn out Arya returns with a set of necromancy bells and relieves Ben of his duty. Back in the real world, Ben immediately brings Donnie and Mak to Nanashi’s temple. They attack in perfect timing, saving Malchior from Anubis’s guards. Ben immediately runs off to find and protect his guard, Serin. After securing her, he rushes back to battle where he rejoins in the fray.

=CURRENTLY= He is following Malchior’s order to get Arya away from the battle.

NOTE FROM OLDWRENCH: Ben's difficulty with girls comes from the incident that caused him to leave home when he was 15 years old. Ben liked a girl but an older boy did too. The older boy and friends tricked Ben and tied him up. They turned mean and abusive, insisting Ben leave the girl alone. They were hitting and hurting Ben. When he couldn't take any more his temper flared up and so did Ben's strength. Ben broke free and several of the boys were badly injured. The reactions of the people and the things they said, that Ben should stay away from the others, that he would someday kill someone, that he was a monster, especially the fact that the girl would no longer even talk to him, is why he has spent all these years trying to avoid fights and getting angry. He is afraid he might really be the monster they said he was. That he might face the same rejection again.

Donnie: Donnie woke up on the ruins of the battle with nothing but his name and a dagger. He finds employment in a local town pharmacy and life goes on normally until a girl name Arya arrives and recognizes his knife. Following her back to the orphanage, he is told that the knife has the crest of a third kingdom started by a member of both Arya and Malchior's kingdoms. He shows the start of his latent abilities by being able to hold the knifepoint up and when Arya was in her fevered state, he was able to hold her sword with his mind. After a night’s sleep he notices that Arya is missing and with a feeling that she hasn't told him everything, he follows with Ben and Serin. He arrives shortly after Malchior de-heads the old man. While watching Ben dig the grave, a group of 5 people, carrying Halberd’s, approach him. The leader, named Russell, informs Donnie that he is the son of a high ranking captain of the Al de Baran army. They also present Donnie with a twin to the knife that he currently holds. Before he can ask any questions, the arrival of Nanashi is signaled by the glow of the Halberds, which happens whenever there are dead nearby. Donnie soon proves his worth in combat with the reintroduction of his old Psionic skills. He can hold and throw his knives with his mind. During the battle he and his Paladins sweep from all corners of the field wreaking havoc. After the fight he collapses from using his abilities too much and Russell cares for him while he sleeps. When he woke up Russell sat down with him and they talked about his latent telekinesis powers. And with the cryptic warning that “HE might be back” Russell leaves Donnie for the night. In the morning Russell talks to Donnie about their past together. They travel with Ben and Mak to the next town in search of Arya, Malchior and Serin. Upon reaching it they find that they are indeed on the right path. While Ben goes out for more info, Donnie decides to buy something and upon meeting back up with Ben and Mak; they find Arya, Malchior and Serin. After Serin ran away and re-appeared at the inn, Donnie sat down and talked to her about his powers and how they relate to the elves. It is at this point that we learn that Russell and his group have left to go and investigate some shady things going on. Suddenly their conversation is interrupted by Arya falling over outside and going into Death. He can only stand around and watch as Ben trades himself with Arya and as they leave, Donnie decides to stay and guard Ben in his vulnerable state. As soon as Ben wakes back up with news of trouble they travel to Nanashi’s temple to save Arya, Serin, and Malchior. In this battle, Donnie’s powers have soared to new heights as he can push others and do things with only his mind.

=Currently= Covering Ben as he retreats with Arya, Donnie can’t help but think that this may not be Nanashi’s greatest stronghold. Then he spots something that makes him freeze in place… his father darting down an empty corridor.

NOTES BY Z2K: Donnie is a psychic. To give a little more background on him, Donnie has zero physical strength and zero magical power. All of its power is psychic. Remember his mother is from Arya's kingdom and his father from Malchior's kingdom. Why doesn't he have a mix of physical and magical powers, then? No answer to that for now. What I can say right now is that Donnie didn't had psychic powers from birth. In fact, he was the weakest person to be ever born on the known lands. His mother, using what she had learnt on her job, solved this for him, granting him psychic powers somehow. Donnie's father, Julian Darko, was a warrior from Izlude that fled to Al de Baran with a woman from Carovnik (Lena, Donnie's mother). Thanks to their experience, Julian didn't had much trouble joining Al de Baran's army, while Lena was accepted as an apprentice to a high standing mage. After some years, Julian was promoted to the Magic Warriors battalion with the rank of Captain where (and here's the possible problem, according to Kira) he was taught offensive magic. Meanwhile, Lena had taken maternity leave for a year and was later promoted to Magic Researcher (think weapons R&D but with magic).

Al de Baran was also attacked by the horde about the same time Izlude and Carovnik were in their last battle. Julian had to lead his column to battle and has been MIA since then. Lena escaped with Donnie but got separated when a few of the horde attacked their caravan. Donnie, a skillful Psionic, helped fight back the horde while Lena and the others escaped but he was somehow knocked out and lost all of his memories (including those about his powers), waking up next to the battlefield of Izlude and Carovnik.

Serin: One of a rare breed, Serin is an elf and also owns her own orphanage. She first meets the group when "Largo" runs into her in the street. There is a large group of people after her for unknown reasons except for the fact that they want her necklace. Realizing that there is an evil presence that is searching for someone, she leads Ben back up to her orphanage where she runs across Arya, an old friend of hers. After talking for a while, the evil presence returns and Malchior goes berserk. She puts up a barrier that holds him until he quiets down and she puts him to sleep. Because of her magic power, she is sucked into the sword world and witnesses the fight. When it is over, she brings everyone back to the real world and brings everyone inside to heal. She watches over everyone and when she notices that Arya's sickness isn't normal and that she is dying, she makes a breach in time to allow Malchior to save Arya from Nanashi. After that, while Arya is regaining strength, she helps in anyway that she can but soon falls asleep from depleting her magic too much. When Ben and Donnie, set out to catch up to Arya and Malchior, she is sidetracked by an old lady that warns her to not push others away. Before she leaves, the old lady gives her a bow and promises to take care of the orphans. She reaches Malchior and Arya with the others right after the Old Man was killed. She rests under a tree until Nanashi attacks and after helping Arya escape back out of death she has to regain her strength inside the barn again. Upon reaching the forest with Ben, she realizes the battle is already over. After resting for the night she teleports to Arya’s ruined castle to wait for her. She helps Arya realize that the sacred necromancy bells are in the temple in her ruined village. When she returns to the town with Arya, she tries her best to tell Arya that she cannot go back home, even going as far as to get angry. When her attempt is to no avail, she teleports away and is meted by the same mysterious woman that Ben and Mak met. She talks to Serin and Serin reveals that she has more power than a normal elf and that the village considered her a cursed child. As the old woman disappears again, she teleports back to her room in the town and shortly after, Donnie comes up and talks to her. She tells Donnie that his power is great and dangerous but their conversation is interrupted when Arya slips into Death. When Arya comes back after Ben takes her place, Serin and Arya get into another argument and Arya goes almost to the point of hurting her old friend when the sun goes down and with it, her temper. With a change in heart, Serin decides to take Arya to her village in the night. Due to it being concealed in the night, it takes longer than normal but they finally reach it to find someone, or something waiting for them. They hurry to the temple to reach the bells before the evil thing reaches them and they reach the inner chamber barely ahead. They turn around to fight after putting up protection and as Serin began to uncover the necromancy bells, Arya fought off their pursuers. Unfortunately Arya is run through right when Serin is finished and due to the physical abilities of the enemy, she is quickly captured. She is brought into Nanashi’s temple and left under the care of Anubis. When he is preoccupied with Malchior, Ben finds Serin in a chamber and rescues her. She aids them in the battle as soon as she gets out.

=CURRENTLY= She is helping Ben retreat out of the temple with Mak.

Makubex: He is a young boy from nowhere yet everywhere at once. His Al de Baran parents abandoned him at birth, along with his set of 12 daggers claiming that he was a curse and a devil incarnate. With the guidance of these daggers, he has survived where many better off people have not. Due to not having parents and to relying on his daggers, he had an extremely close tie to them and always talks with them. He was traveling with the old man but when he was killed, Makubex decided to join up with this group. The first, and only person that has cared for Makubex is Ben who has caringly nicknamed him Mak. When Nanashi showed up with his small army, Makubex was one of the first ones in battle and proved just how much of a devil he is for such a small kid. When the battle finished, he rejoined Ben and the group in the forest by a stream. He was covered head to toe in his enemy’s blood and he was carrying the unconscious body of a person that he had decided not to kill. He slept for the rest of the night after cleaning up and in the morning he set off after Serin, Arya, and Malchior. In the town he and Ben met an old woman that warned Ben of things to come. When she disappeared, Mak found a small pendant that she had left behind but no matter what he did, he could not open it. When Arya, Serin and Malchior came back, Mak could only watch as they fought amongst themselves. When Ben sacrificed himself for Arya in order to let her go and get the necromancers bells, he though that Ben was really dying the entire time. When Ben got back up it was the first time that Mak has felt joy in his life. He traveled with Ben and Donnie to Nanashi’s temple in order to rescue Arya, Serin and Malchior. He once again proves himself in battle.

=CURRENTLY= He is helping Ben retreat out of the temple with Serin.

Mixing classic fighting, good anime (Bleach anyone?), edge of your seat books (I’m talking about Sabriel), and of course you imagination, Ketsugou is the ultimate Fantasy style RPG. New players can jump in at any time, especially with a lull in action expected soon.

TO ALL OLD MEMBERS: If I have missed anything or have been to general on some detail, please PM me the correction so I can fix the post. Also since this is a last minute summary I think it is safe to say that the next 3 will be better promise.
Cheers- Agito
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