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Re: Ketsugou: The Game

Post by oldwrench » August 13th, 2007, 5:53 pm

*Ben finds Donnie coming out of a door into the corridor.*

Ben: you done chasing your ghosts, boy? We have to get out before this place comes down around our ears.

* The floor heaves and the ceiling above them cracks. Ben grabs Donnie and hurls him down the corridor toward the door to the outside, as the passage begins to cave in.*

Ben shouts at Donnie: Take care of Serin.

* Ben dives through door into the large room. In the dim candle light, he searches for another exit, but there is none. The floor heaves up in the middle, and a wall buckles in. Ben takes Thor off his back, then leans against a wall and slowly sinks to a sitting position.*

Ben: It's been a good life, Thor. I just hope Arya gets back, and the others get out alright....... Well, I've been to the river before, so I know what it's like. This time there won't be anywhere to return to.

Thor: It has been good young giant, but don't give up too soon. While there is life there is always hope.

Ben: Ya, but I'm tired, Thor, just too tired.
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