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The Last Posts

Post by Kira » July 13th, 2007, 8:29 am

Author: Freya

*As Malchior encourages her, Arya's special earrings glow faintly and her body warms slightly*

*Arya feels a pulse of energy that renews her a bit and gives her the strength to make it through the waters to the Fifth Gate. A harsh acidic rain covers the Fifth Gate and Arya dives through it to get into the Fourth Region. The acid burns at her wounds and she cries out in pain*
Author: oldwrench

Ben looks at Malchior: Right. *Then at Serin.* Nice trick little elf, but you can't do this.

*With a loud roar, Ben charges down the corridor towad the entrance, swinging Thor over his head. blue bolts of energy arc from the ax, flinging unconscious demons out of his path.*
Author: Kira

*Malchior stops as he faintly felt the slight warmth, that came from her for a split second*

Arya, you’re still alive…Thank goodness…

Malchior: Hey! Big Guy, take Arya…I’m staying behind.

*Malchior looks back at Lady Kayura*

I can’t let the secret the die, I need to know the secret.

*Malchior looks at Arya*

For your sake and for your future seed. I will not let your kind die…Forgive me, please.
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