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Rules: Please Read First, Before Anything.

Post by Kira » July 12th, 2007, 8:38 am

We will be starting when the story left off in that last forum.

Also as Co-DM, Freya and I have the power to approve posts. We shall see to it which we feel best fits the stories best.

Also here is an example for new members of what a post looks like.

*Malchior Walks over to the lone figure that stands in the mist of the ashes* - Whenever you are describing an action, please remember to use the asterisk (*) at the beginning and at the end of your action sentence.

Malchior: Are you ok? - When writing the dialogue, remember to write your character names then add a colon (:) after the name.

Oh man! Arya is going to kill me, over this! - To show your character's thoughts, add italics.

If there is anything I for got or if you would like to add something, Freya, you may do so.
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