The S.A. Reports

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The S.A. Reports

Post by agito_0291 » January 11th, 2008, 2:16 am

The first thing that I would like to say is that after talking to Olray, I found out that he cannot add new RPG sections to the member area. Therefor I shall have to put the new RPG down here instead and when she comes back I will ask Sakura if she can move it to the appropiate area. Also, because of the same problem, you will have to include your character bio on your first post, just like we used to do. Once moved, I will take these and place them into a seperate thread for easier access. Please include whatever you want for character descriptions.

The main focus of this RPG is a murder/mystery story. Now that does not mean that you have to be "detectives" or even be trying to solve the mystery. Your can chose to be part of the killers side, part of the police, just a normal citizen, or a third un-named party that has ulterior motives. The setting for this story IS in the future so futuristic technology is allowed though I will place some restrictions on how much. At this point, futuristic weaponry is fine, (ex: laser guns) mass-produced hover cars are fine, Biomechanical limbs are fine as well. (Ex: mechanical arm to replace a lost one. Arm is stronger than normal) Mech's are borderline, I don't want them to be the main focus, so try and avoid them unless your character is with the killer or some un-named group. If that is the case then please PM me and talk to me about it. Absolutely no Gundams, the mech's have to be standard military units. (Like Zaku's from the Gundam series). I also do not want any robots or humans who have "upgraded" to become full robots. (Like in Ghost in the Shell) As a last note, Raine will be helping me run the RPG so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM either one of us, and remember: HAVE FUN!!!( :swt: I know, I know, I sound real lame.... :shy: ).

Description: The year is 2050. Science and Technology have greatly advanced due to a bizarre incident occurring in the year 2023. A large meteor, previously thought to be a planet destroyer, landed in Northern Africa. It destroyed the upper half of the continent but strangely; the rest of the world was barely affected. Instead of the dust clouding the air a strange particle, dubbed the "TEAK" particle, (Treasured Afrika in remembrance of the country and the meteor impact) was released that allowed technological advances previously heard of only in sci-fi stories. Along with these particles, a different scientific abnormality has occurred. From the day that the meteor struck, baby animals have been found in the cribs of newborn humans. The reasoning behind these animals is unknown and many scientists have devoted their life to trying to discover the mystery behind them. So far they have discovered very few things, these being: they animals are, without a doubt, animals; thousands of different animals have been recorded leading to the belief that any/all types of animals can be found; the animals can not stray far from their partner without becoming ill; the animals age according to their owner; and last but not least, the owner has a telepathic link with their animal. After discovering this last detail, the animals have been more frequently called Spirit Animals or "S.A." for short.

My character:
Name: Nicolas "Nick" Petrolis
Age: 24
Height: 5' 8"
Hair/Eyes: Short black hair/ green eyes
S.A.: Grey Wolf named Aidan
Background: Born in South Africa, Nick always knew that he wanted to be a detective. He moved to finish school in London, in the best Private Investigator school the world had to offer. Graduating 5th in his class, he began working on minor cases in England, all the while trying to discover anything behind the "TEAK" incident. Currently being reassigned to a new case involving strange events centered around S.A.'s

Raine's character:
Name: Kimberly Heston
Age: 23
Height: 4' 8"
Hair/Eyes: Long black hair/ light brown eyes
S.A.: Red-tailed hawk named "Baron"
Background: Born in England,Kimberly never enjoyed her life that her father have plan for her, she wanted adventure solving mysteries using her intelligence and her uncle's cool gadgets. Yes she's childish but that's all she ever wanted to be a private detective after graduating in university she moved to nyc to personal reasons and there she fulfill her dream to be a detective but move back to England when assigned to a case involving S.A.'s

*Nick stepped out of the rain and entered the police station. He ignored everyone in the room and walked into a side office where Police Chief Wicket was waiting for him.*

Wicket: Nick, good you made it!

*Nick took off his rain soaked jacket and hat then turned to look at Warren.*

Nick: So what's the problem? It's got to be something big, you pulled me off a great job for this. It better be worth it.

Wicket: Oh it's worth it all right, look here. *He reaches for a file and pulls out some pictures of motionless people lying in all sorts of positions.* All of these people, I think its roughly 20 now, have been found in the past 2 weeks. All of 'em have been killed in the same way.

Nick: How’s that?

Wicket: That's the point! We don't know! We show up after getting a non-traceable call and find these people lying there, their S.A.'s lying in pools of blood. We go over to check up on the bodies and strangest of all they're still alive! But they don't even move. They're in some sort of shock, maybe even a drug.... anyway it leaves them in a catatonic like state until they die a couple hours later.

Nick: Any leads to the one behind it all?

Wicket: Not a clue, at least not that I know. Here take this badge, It gives you clearance to go to any of the closed murder sites if you need to, future scenes as well. We also have another detective that will be joining you...

Nick: Who?

Wicket: Some girl from the United States. Think her name was Heston, Kim Heston, supposed to be the best they.... hey where you goin'?

*Nick immediately got up after hearing Kim's name. He grabbed his things and walked to the door, pausing before leaving. *

Nick: I'll take the case only because I owe you, just know this: I will NOT be working with her.

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Re: The S.A. Reports

Post by Zeratul2k » January 11th, 2008, 3:12 am

Name: Danny Galitzki
Age: 22
Height: 1,75 m.
Hair/Eyes: Short black hair / one brown eye, one blue eye
S.A.: White Siberian Husky named Blizzard with bicolored eyes just like Danny's
Background: Born in south-america from a russian father and a colombian mother, Danny is an unemployed engineer and sort of an inventor. Curious to a fault (he even learned portuguese all by himself when he was 15 because "there was a book that seemed interesting"), he tends to get in trouble a lot. His experiences, however, have led him to develop all sorts of defensive and offensive devices and weapons. Right now in London for a series of job interviews.


* Danny opened his umbrella and stepped out into the rain, Blizzard following him closely. He walked a couple of blocks and entered a coffee shop named "Coffee Of Doom". *

Danny: Big capuccinno, please.

Dora: Coming right up.

* Danny sat near the bar and placed his backpack next to him. He sighed as he looked around, stopping on Dora and her Spirit Animal, a parrot. *

Dora: Going to another interview?

Danny: BAE Systems. And Land Rover in the afternoon.

Dora: At least you're not losing hope.

Danny: I'm starting to...

* Dora served Danny the capuccinno and patted his head. *

Dora: You're gonna be okay, don't worry!

Dora's S.A.: Don't worry!

* Danny smiled as he sipped his coffee. *

Danny: Thanks, Dora.

* Danny paid for the coffee, picked up his backpack and umbrella and left towards the subway. *
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Re: The S.A. Reports

Post by yuki_tenshi » January 11th, 2008, 5:52 am

Name: Runica Hayes
Age: 20
Height: 5'
Hair/Eyes: Waist length onyx-colored hair, always in a ponytail/Midnight blue to Indigo eyes
S.A.: White Bear named "Kuma"
Background: Born in Japan from a British father and a Japanese mother, Runica is now staying in London at her father's house after her mother turned ill and passed away. With a high IQ she skipped two grade and finished her college early, her father being a rich business man has allowed her to take any course she wanted, in this case she took Criminology and passed with flying colors.She is a newly employed police officer/inventor, Runica has been tinkering with gadgets and police weapons
to create or upgrade. She is unbelievably interested in S.A.'s and has been studying them, she has applied to investigate any S.A activities in the area. She is both fluent in Japanese and English.


*Runica shook herself to get rid of excess water after entering the Police Department. Kuma was closely behind her doing the same thing.*

Runica, muttering: Maybe I should have brought an umbrella instead of chancing it...

*Kuma cocked his head to the side and regarded Runica's mutterings, giving a bear sigh before brushing against the slightly irate and sopping wet girl. Runica petted Kuma on the head before heading towards her cubicle.*

Dorothy: Ah! Runica, I'm glad I found you!

Runica: Dorothy? What is it?

*Dorothy Mitchell hurriedly ran up to Runica and grinned at her, her snake S.A. loosely wrapped around her frame.*

Dorothy: Your request on investigating about S.A. activities has been accepted!

Runica: Really? Cool!

Dorothy: There are supposed to be two other detectives working on it, they're both very good and the other one is a girl from the United States! They say she's one of the best.

Runica: Do you think I'll be working with them?

Dorothy: I'm not sure, maybe...maybe not.

Runica: Do you know their names?

Dorothy: Kate, Kaye...Kin...oh! Kim Heston is the girl and I think the other one is Nick...something.

*Runica sighed as she unconsciously rubbed Kuma's ear*

Runica: You're not very handy with names Dorothy.

*Dorothy gave a snort before smiling and bidding goodbye. Runica smiling with the new information headed to her cubicle again, Kuma trailing behind her.*
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Re: The S.A. Reports

Post by agito_0291 » January 11th, 2008, 9:07 pm

((WOOT!!! Lets all clap for Olray who was able to get a space made out in the "member's forum seciton!!!!"*loud applause* This means that I shall be moving the RPG there. It will most likely be confusing for the 2 people that have just posted because I will be placing what you have said underneath my first post.))

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