5 Minutes: Reloaded

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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » December 25th, 2017, 4:03 am

Or swim a long way very fast! But wait, kitties don't like getting wet......... or do they?

Not Molly, she is fascinated by the water. She will let the water run off her head as she watches it go down the drain. Max is interested, but he doesn't like getting wet at all. Molly even got in the shower with my wife, the water spray didn't bother her at all, just her paws getting wet. She had to pick them up and shake them frequently.
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » January 20th, 2018, 3:46 am

Can Chad and Arisa survive the storm? And, What is the anomaly that Yuki has picked up?
But....... answers might have to wait a bit, there are other threads happening in the story, time to catch up on a couple.

Chapter 40

Edward Geraldine watched the man stagger into his room waving a half empty bottle. The fool had been out all night again, drinking, and probably with some young boy. He felt disgusted. How had he gotten into this mess?

Kirk laughed at Edwards frown. “You’re too sour, old man. You should get out and have some fun,” he told him. “You won’t believe who I ran into........ that bitch, and the tall pilot boy from the Krikav. I showed her she can’t hit me. I shot them down........ they’re sunk, fish food.” Kirk laughed uncontrollably.

“What?” Edward demanded. “EDF pilots? What happened? What did you do?”

“They rented a heli,” Kirk got out between laughs. “I followed them, way out over the ocean, and I shot them down. She was supposed to marry me, then I would get all their money....... but then that tall guy got in the way. I fixed them, he won’t get her money cause they’re dead.”

EDF! The pilots would have called in that they were attacked. Even if they were dead, the EDF would be alerted that there was an enemy. They would be on heightened alert. This severely compromised his ability to search for Ridia and the Atropos. Edward jumped up, face red with rage. “You fool, now you’ve put them under alert. You’ve ruined our chances of finding Ridia and getting away with Atropos.” He stepped forward menacingly, “get out...... get out before I kill you myself. We’re through, I don’t need idiots around me. Get out and never let me see you again!”

Kirk backed to the door. “You need me,” he shouted. “I’ve got money, I can get a ship. You got nothing....... what are you going to do if you find the thing........ we’ll see who’s the fool.” Kirk ducked out the door.

Edward sat down, his head in his hands. How had it come to this, EDF deserter, rouge general of the Red Faction, wanted man, by both law and outlaw. How had they convinced him to desert the EDF? He had been angry.... in a rage, because he had been passed over for promotion. Somehow the Leader had found him, fed his anger, promised him the rank of general. It was madness. What had he thought the Red Faction could accomplish? How had the Leader convinced him to fight against the EDF? And....... Who was the Leader? He couldn’t remember, not his face, not his location, nothing about the man........ or woman? He just didn’t remember. They had ruined his life. If he ever found the Leader, he’d kill the bastard.

Tom entered the small lounge room on the frigate, Sheffield. He found Janice seated there and took a chair across from her. He could feel the hum of the engines as the ship accelerated away from Earth orbit. It would take a while to reach a safe distance for entrance to warp drive. Janice was engrossed in something on the tablet she always carried with her. Once again he wondered what she would look like with her hair down and without her glasses. She was a nice looking woman, if she were a few years younger.... and not hung up on doctor Tod...... Tom had always been attracted to brains.......... and good looks. “Where is doctor Moeller?” Tom asked.

“He went to his room,” Janice answered without looking up. “He doesn’t do well with space flight. It’s usually the worst at take off, but I wonder how he’ll take transition to warp drive. He’s never left the system before.”

“That could be an unpleasant time for him. I hope it doesn’t bother him too much.” Tom replied. “Have you traveled in warp drive?”

“Several times,” she answered, “it doesn’t bother me at all, but the doctor has a bit of a phobia of warp space.”

“Some people have unusual fears,” Tom mused. “Warp travel has been proven very safe. I’m sure he’ll relax once we are in warp space.” Tom watched her working for a short time, then curiosity got the better of him. “Do you mind if I ask you, why do you wear glasses? You could have your vision corrected.”

Janice stopped and looked up. “I was an orphan at a young age. My family was killed when the pirates destroyed Arctown on Ceti seven. I grew up in foster homes on several colony worlds so I never could afford to have my vision corrected.”

“Oh,” Tom answered, “I wasn’t aware of that.” He hesitated, “ But you are in an eminent position now, You would be able to have the procedure now.”

Janice pushed the large glasses up on her small nose. “I guess I could, but I’ve become accustomed to wearing them.” Janice looked down. Tom noticed her face was a bit red. “I’m not very....... comfortable with medical procedures.”

He smiled, “I’m not either....... Um... how is your work on the operating system coming.” He said, trying to change the subject.”

“The inertial work on the mech is a problem. It’s a complex weave of gravitational forces and if you get it wrong it would tear itself apart.” Janice answered, much more willing to get into this subject. “In time I think we could work it out but it wouldn’t be soon. If we find the machine we might be able to reverse engineer the OS, but it would be so much better to talk with the designer. I really hope we find him. He must have known my father.”

“It sounds like they are pretty sure the mech is on Shakuras,” Tom assured her. “Once we have that, we may be able to learn who designed the machine and perhaps be able to pick him up.”

“I certainly hope so,” Janice replied as she stood up. “It would be unfortunate to travel all this way and not find anything at the end........ I had better check on Doctor Moeller. He may need something.”

Brains and beauty, Tom thought as he watched her leave the room, to bad she doesn’t have a sister. Why can’t I find a woman like that?
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by oldwrench » January 30th, 2018, 4:37 am

Ok, I wanted to get more done before I left for vacation, but I just couldn't get more than 28 hours in a day. I did get one more chapter ready though.
What is the anomaly? Will they find Chad and Arisa before the storm comes? Now we know who shot them down, how are Kirk Ashford and Edward Geraldine going to fit into this mess? How is the Princess going to head off the rebellion of the colonies? As they say...... The plot thickens....... or does it just get more confusing? Read on.

Chapter 41

Colonel Hellwind hurried onto the bridge of the Krikav. What had Yuki found? Was it something concerning the search or some sort of attack aimed at the princess or the conference. “What do you have, Yuki?” He asked the controller as he sat in his command chair.

“There has been an anomaly in the static discharges I have recorded from the approaching storm.” Yuki replied. “The noise from the storm has been the only radio signal from the area, outside of search vehicle traffic. One of the static bursts appeared to be of excessive duration.” A picture of a trace of radio noise appeared on the screen in front of the colonel. “The duration was approximately forty eight point two three seconds long. When I removed the static noise I was left with a regular base frequency.” The picture changed to show a regular sine wave. It does not carry an emergency message, but it is the same frequency as the carrier wave used by the standard emergency beacon.”

Daniel jumped up. “Where did that originate?” Dan demanded. “Did you get a location?”

“ The signal was too short of duration. By the time the anomaly was noted, it was to late to get an accurate fix on the transmission.” Yuki answered.

“Damn!” The colonel cursed.

“A sixty square kilometer area is as close as I can locate the transmission.” Yuki told him. “Have the shuttles search that area immediately,” Dan ordered.

Yuki rapidly keyed in coordinates to to send to the shuttles. “The area is outside of our original search parameters.” Yuki informed the colonel.

“They could have traveled some distance after the locator beacon failed.” Daniel speculated. “Get those shuttles there now.”

Arisa watched Chad stripping the long fibers from the leaves and twisting them into tough cords. She felt useless, there was nothing she could do to help, and her head ached badly. She looked up once more at the fast approaching storm front. “Chad! There’s something out there,” Arisa shouted. “It’s a shuttle, there’s a shuttle.”

Chad jumped up, “where?” He scanned the horizon as Arisa excitedly pointed toward the clouds. Chad finally spotted the distant craft. “It’s not coming this way,” he told her after a short time. “We have to signal them.” Chad looked for the for the signal flares he salvaged from the wrecked heli, but they were gone. Chad cursed as he realized he had been so intent on what he was doing he hadn’t noticed the rising waves that washed over the rocks. “The flares are gone, we have no way to signal them.” Chad moaned.

“They have to see us,” Arisa cried out as she tried to lift one of the huge leaves and wave it in the air. “They just have to!”

The sun broke through a rift in the clouds blindingly bright. Chad immediately dived for his tech’s tool. He grabbed the tool, folded it closed and stood up. Chad held the tool up and rocked it back and forth.

“The island should be coming into view soon,” Megumi told Ben as she picked up the binoculars to scan the water for any sign of debris.

“That storm is moving in to quick,” Ben answered. We aren’t going to be able to cover even the biggest islands much less the rest of the area.” Ben’s head snapped around to the right. “Hey, what was that? I saw a flash over there.” He exclaimed.

“Where?” Megumi looked to the right but didn’t see anything. “Are you sure there was something? Maybe it was a lightning flash.”

“Not in that direction, it’s away from the storm,” Ben answered. “Maybe it was nothing. We’ll keep going to that island.”

“Wait!” Megumi yelled excitedly, “I saw it, there was a flash....... over there.” Megumi pointed to the right and Ben quickly turned the shuttle to head in the direction she indicated. She picked up the binoculars and scanned the horizon. “There’s an island there, just a little rock.” She increased the magnification. “There’s someone there.” She adjusted the controls on the glasses. “It’s Chad!” She shouted............ “And Arisa! They’re both there!”

Ben accelerated to reach the island as soon as possible. He brought the shuttle around to the lee side of the island to avoid the worst of the waves. Ben lowered the floats, glad the colonel had ordered them installed before they headed out on the search. He set down and approached as closely as he dared to the rocks. “Hold position here, Meg,” He told Megumi. I’ll go in back and get them in.”

Chad watched the shuttle approach. “It’s ours!” He told Arisa. “They found us.” As the shuttle came around the rock, Chad helped Arisa climb down to the edge of the water. When the shuttle stopped a short distance from the island, Chad scooped up Arisa. “Hey, you don’t have to carry me,” she protested, but Chad jumped into the water. The water was more than waist deep on him and the surging water washed chest deep. Chad tried to keep Arisa above the water but the waves were too high. The side door on the shuttle opened as he reached the float. Chad saw Ben standing in the door. “Take her,” he yelled up to Ben and tossed the small girl up with all his strength.

Ben opened the door on the side of the shuttle and saw Chad in the water carrying Arisa. Chad yelled to him and tossed the girl his direction. Ben effortlessly caught Arisa and set her down in one of the seats. He turned back and found Chad struggling to get a grip on the handhold to pull himself out of the surging water. Ben caught Chad’s wrist and quickly pulled him up into the cabin, then punched the control to shut the door. “Take us up, Meg, and call the colonel,” Ben called to Megumi. He looked over Chad and Arisa, “damn, are we glad to see you two.”

“Not as glad as we are,” Chad assured him, as he sat down next to Arisa.

Chad slumped down in the seat, exhaustion creeping up on him. He could feel the surge of the thrusters and hear the whine of the inertial dampers as they accelerated through the clouds. They must be heading for the Krikav. The colonel would probably be furious with him, but at least Arisa was safe.

“Colonel’s on the com,” Megumi called back to Ben.

“Got it,” Ben said as he switched on the com.

“Do you have them on board?” The colonel demanded.

“Yes sir,” Ben replied.

“What is their condition? Are they injured.”

“They’re mobile sir, Chad has an arm injury and Arisa has a head injury.”

“How bad?” The colonel barked.

“Ah, she doesn’t seem too bad,” Ben told him. He looked at Arisa where he sat huddled next to Chad. She certainly didn’t look her best. “Ah, are you alright?” He asked her.

“Do I look alright?” Arisa snapped back. “I’m wet and cold, I’m hungry and I hurt all over. You throw me around like I’m a child.......... I’m not alright. She yelled at him.

“Ah, colonel, I don’t think she’s..........” Ben started to say, surprised by her uncharacteristic outburst.

“I’ll have the med team standing by, get them here, best possible speed.” The colonel ordered.

Chad looked down at Arisa and put his arm around her. He was worried about her. He had seen his share of head injuries. After her outburst, she had put her face in her hands and broken down crying.

Arisa looked up at Ben, tears ran down her face. “I’m sorry, Ben,” she cried. “I shouldn’t have....... You don’t deserve that........... I’m useless,” she put her head back down in her hands. “I couldn’t do anything to help. I didn’t know how to do anything. I couldn’t even get into the shuttle myself.” Arisa was trembling as she leaned against Chad. “My head hurts so much...... I’m useless.” Chad held her close, he didn’t know what else to do.

“You aren’t useless, Arisa,” Ben told her in a soft voice. If it hadn’t been for you, That gang wouldn’t have been willing to help us and we would never have found you. It was because of how you handled them that they helped us to find out where you had gone.”

“Don’t forget that they also gave us the lead to finding captain Dominic.” Chad added. “You’re part of our gang......... er, unit, we’re all needed.”

“Thank you,” Arisa sniffed, “I still wish I could do more, but I can’t even think straight.” She leaned against Chad. “My head hurts so much.” She cried.

Ben sighed, “Good thing you sent that radio signal or we’d never have found you.”

“Radio signal?” Chad questioned. “I thought it didn’t work. It just blew up the batteries when I tried it.”

“Well, it was enough that Yuki could get us close,” Ben told him.

“See, it did work,” Arisa mumbled.

Chad looked down at her, “We should hurry.” Ben could hear the worry in Chad’s voice.
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Re: 5 Minutes: Reloaded

Post by Sakura » January 30th, 2018, 8:51 am

Glad we have them back, a little tarnished but okay :thumb:
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